Endeavor selected 26 entrepreneurs leading 13 companies at its 97th International Selection Panel (ISP) held October 23-25, 2023 in Rome, Italy. The organization now supports 2,532 entrepreneurs leading 1,553 companies in 42 markets around the world.

Each ISP is the culmination of a rigorous, multi-step selection process to identify high-impact entrepreneurs from all over the world. We seek founders with the greatest growth potential, as well as those who commit to reinvesting time and resources into their local entrepreneurial ecosystems to help build the next generation of entrepreneurs, sparking a Multiplier Effect.

During the ISP, panelists interview entrepreneurs about their businesses and evaluate their potential for high-impact growth. The panelists then discuss the candidates and vote whether to select them to become Endeavor Entrepreneurs. While panelists deliberated at this ISP, Entrepreneurs went on a scavenger hunt across Rome.


Endeavor would like to thank our panelists:

Edgar Bronfman, Jr., Waverley Capital (Endeavor Global Board Chair); Veronica Allende Serra, Innova Capital (Endeavor Global Board Member); Martín Escobari, General Atlantic (Endeavor Global Board Member); Pietro Sella, Sella Group (Endeavor Italy Board Chair); Monica Mandelli, KKR (Endeavor Italy Board Member); António Murta, Pathena (Endeavor Portugal Board Member); Ilan Benhaim, (Endeavor Morocco Board Chair); Jaideep Gulab, Rosemonde Ltd. (Endeavor Nigeria Board Member); Jason Borschow, Abarca Health (Endeavor Puerto Rico Board Member, Endeavor Entrepreneur); Jason Wenk, Altruist (Endeavor Detroit Board Member, Endeavor Entrepreneur); Mark Roden, Ding (Endeavor Ireland Board Member); Vargha Moayed, White Star Capital (Endeavor Romania Board Chair).

Bryant Christanto, Paxel (Endeavor Entrepreneur); Danila De Stefano, Unobravo (Endeavor Entrepreneur); Fahmi AlShawwa, Immensa (Endeavor Entrepreneur); Jose Jair Bonilla, Chiper (Endeavor Entrepreneur); Sabina Gyosheva, BY FAR (Endeavor Entrepreneur); Chris Misner, C2Growth (Endeavor Global Ambassador); Roshini Bakshi, Everstone Capital Advisors (Endeavor Global Ambassador); Arvind Rajan, formerly of Cricket Health; Ayman Ismail, AI Investment Capital Group; Christopher M. Schroeder, Next Billion Ventures; Erika Rottenberg, formerly of Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, LinkedIn; Steven Mail, Mail Venture Partners.

Our New Entrepreneurs

Endeavor Entrepreneurs have had a significant track record of impact. They have helped build sustainable growth models in their home countries, creating jobs and revenue. Learn more about our new entrepreneurs below.


Entrepreneurs: Hamdi Tabbaa
Industry: Edtech
Endeavor Office: Jordan

Abwaab is a guided learning platform that makes high-quality after-school education accessible across the MENA region for grades 4-12.

Founded in 2019, the company offers an ecosystem of localized educational tools aligned with national curricula. It serves millions of users across Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Students learning on Abwaab see a 19% improvement in academic performance, 2x increase in their speed of learning, and up to 90% savings in educational expenses relative to after-school tutoring programs.


Entrepreneurs: George Royeca, Angeline Tham
Industry: Mobility
Endeavor Office: Philippines

Angkas is the leading motorcycle ride-hailing app in the Philippines.

Cities in the Philippines, such as the capital of Manila, have some of the world’s worst traffic congestion. Founded in 2016, Angkas provides an efficient and cost-effective transportation option, allowing more than 8 million customers to call one of its 50,000+ motorcycle riders with the click of a button. In the past, motorcycle taxis, locally known as habal-habal, have operated informally and have been viewed as unsafe. Angkas formalizes this sector and invests in its partner bikers, prioritizing customer safety and expanding economic opportunities for the country’s 18+ million motorcycle owners, many of whom live in poverty.


Entrepreneurs: Sérgio Vieira, José Salgado
Industry: Retail and Consumer Tech
Endeavor Office: Portugal

BIZAY offers product customization software, enabling the world’s largest catalog of custom products.

The customization industry is massive, but very fragmented. BIZAY aims to digitize this legacy industry with new batching technology that delivers more than 50% cost savings to its customers across 50,000+ products. With its asset-light, technology-driven model, BIZAY has already enabled over 5 million customized orders across Europe and the Americas.

Electra Vehicles

Entrepreneurs: Fabrizio Martini
Industry: Mobility
Endeavor Office: Italy

Electra is a B2B software company aiming to optimize the performance of any battery system, beginning first in the e-mobility industry.

Based in Boston and Torino, Italy, the 8-year-old company has built AI/ML-based software that’s proprietary, hybrid, and cloud embedded. The patented software addresses the complete lifecycle of the battery system from the design phase to first use and eventual decommissioning.

Modinity Group

Entrepreneurs: Linda Anggrea
Industry: Retail and Consumer Tech
Endeavor Office: Indonesia

Modinity Group has eight lifestyle brands, boasting a total of 100 physical stores across Indonesia and Malaysia.

Linda Anggrea established the Modinity Group in 2020, following the success of Buttonscarves, a modest fashion and lifestyle brand founded in 2016. Modinity’s brands have received multiple Muslim Wear awards over the years and have partnered with global names like Disney and Hasbro. Most recently, the group showcased its latest Buttonscarves collection at the 2023 New York Fashion Week. Known for its high-quality materials and contemporary designs, The Modinity Group has built a strong community both online and offline, elevating modest fashion with premium products such as scarves, hijabs, bags, accessories, and more.


Entrepreneurs: Mostafa El Beltagy, Abdel-Azim Osman, Ahmed Rafea, Mohamed Abou Ghanima
Industry: Proptech
Endeavor Office: Egypt

Nawy created Egypt’s first Multiple Listings Service (MLS) for property buyers and sellers, providing transparency on inventory and pricing, and access to financing.

The real estate market in Egypt constitutes 20% of the country’s entire GDP. However, the sector is dominated by informal brokers and characterized by a lack of data, limited access to finance, and poor transparency. Nawy’s system attempts to fix that. It’s now the second largest real estate platform in Egypt by volume, and has helped thousands of families in finding their new home.


Entrepreneurs: Lucas Vargas
Industry: Fintech
Endeavor Office: Brazil

Nomad’s mission is to empower Brazilians by offering them products to save, grow, and invest their wealth in a strong, stable currency (US Dollars).

Over the past decade, the Brazilian Real (BRL) has depreciated by 56% in value relative to the US Dollar due to political and economic instability. Currency depreciation has led individuals to suffer from wealth erosion. Nomad has been combating this problem since 2020 and now provides more than 1 million Brazilian customers with an American bank account in dollars, insured by the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation).


Entrepreneurs: Hans Pieringer, Pablo Cifuentes, Nicolás Ferreira
Industry: Healthcare
Endeavor Office: Chile

PhageLab is pioneering the use of phages, or viruses that infect and eliminate bacteria, to replace antibiotic use in livestock farming.

The overuse of antibiotics in the livestock industry has led to a growing number of antibiotic resistant bacteria, which pose a significant threat to both animal and human health. Founded in 2010, the company has developed a proprietary software platform that can map a bacteria sample and create a tailor-made phage solution in a matter of weeks, rather than years. In side-by-side trials, the company’s solution has proven to be more effective than off-the-shelf antibiotics in reducing bacterial infections in poultry.


Entrepreneurs: Eyad Alkassar, Mahmoud Fouz, John Mady
Industry: Fintech
Endeavor Office: UAE

Qlub is a web-based QR code solution for paying the bill at restaurants. It requires no app, enabling customers to pay within 10 seconds and delivering higher profits for restaurants.

Founded in 2021, Qlub cuts down customer wait times drastically, simplifying the payment transaction for both the restaurant and the diner, allowing customers to split with friends easily, add tips, and check out with no hassle.


Entrepreneurs: Mark Lundstrom, Rachel Kelley
Industry: Climate tech
Endeavor Office: Colorado, US

Radia is an energy company enabling the deployment of onshore wind turbines of unprecedented size, called GigaWind.

GigaWind combines the scale advantages of offshore-size turbines with the simplicity of onshore ones, producing up to 30% more energy at up to 30% lower cost than traditional turbines. The largest issue hampering deployment of this next generation of onshore wind energy is their sheer size. Radia has an enabling technology to address this.

Sculpted by Aimee

Entrepreneurs: Aimee Connolly
Industry: Retail and Consumer Tech
Endeavor Office: Ireland

Sculpted by Aimee is an award-winning makeup and skincare brand designed for everyone. The company’s products are good for your skin, kind to the planet, and cruelty-free.

Founded by leading makeup artist Aimee Connolly in 2016, the company blurs the line between makeup and skincare, empowering everyone to love the way they look with minimal, easy to use products. Bootstrapped since its launch, Sculpted has grown to offer more than 100+ products across four countries.


Entrepreneurs: Luis Bardají Izard, Gabor Balogh, Ramón Castro Neira
Industry: Logistics
Endeavor Office: Spain

Trucksters is a long-haul digital transport operator that aims to transport goods more efficiently while improving quality of life for truck drivers.

Founded in 2018, Trucksters utilizes a tech-enabled relay system to allow cargo to be continuously on the move, completing long-haul routes up to 2x faster than industry standards and allowing drivers to sleep more nights at home. The company hopes it will help Europe fill the 20% of truck driver positions currently vacant. Trucksters currently delivers about 1,000 full truck loads per month across three trucking corridors in Europe.


Entrepreneurs: Brian Mogeni, Mike Otieno
Industry: B2B Software
Endeavor Office: Kenya

Wowzi is an app that empowers Africa’s burgeoning creator economy with a marketplace that connects brands like Netflix and Coca-Cola to influencers and creators.

Founded in 2020, the company has a community of over 150,000 registered creators, 150+ brand clients, and operates in 24 countries. Wowzi’s centralized platform matches brands with creators, helping creators grow and monetize their platforms while enabling brands to identify and collaborate with influencers who match their desired profile.

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