This month, Endeavor selected nine entrepreneurs leading six companies: five companies at our 44th virtual International Selection Panel (ISP) held February 20-22, 2024, and one other at a separate “come back” panel for entrepreneurs who attended a previous ISP (details below). The organization now supports 2,555 entrepreneurs from 1,568 companies in 42 markets around the world.

Each ISP is the culmination of a rigorous, multi-step selection process to identify high-impact entrepreneurs from all over the world. We seek founders with the greatest growth potential, as well as those who commit to reinvesting time and resources into their local entrepreneurial ecosystems to help build the next generation of entrepreneurs, sparking a Multiplier Effect. During the ISP, panelists interview entrepreneurs about their businesses and evaluate their potential for high-impact growth. The panelists then discuss the candidates and vote on whether to select them to become Endeavor Entrepreneurs.


Endeavor would like to thank our panelists:

Veronica Serra, Innova Capital Fund (Endeavor Global Board Member); Amr Shady, Tribal Credit (Endeavor Entrepreneur, Endeavor Egypt Board Chair); Ernest Bachrach, former Advent International (Endeavor Miami Board Co-Chair); Tosin Eniolorunda, Moniepoint (Endeavor Entrepreneur); Victor Noguera, Flat.mx (Endeavor Entrepreneur); Chris Misner, C2 Growth, (Endeavor Global Ambassador); Allison Light, Lightweight; Arjuna Costa, Flourish VC; Arvind Rajan, former Cricket Health; Drew McElroy, Transfix; Eric Pérez-Grovas, Wollef; Samantha Skey, SHE Media.

Our New Entrepreneurs

Learn more about our new Endeavor Entrepreneurs below.


Entrepreneur: Stefan Batory
Industry: B2B Software
Endeavor Office: Poland

Booksy is an online scheduling software that helps beauty and wellness businesses manage appointments, back-end business operations, and customer relationships.

Founded in 2014, Booksy allows business owners to digitize and automate their once-manual operations, saving time and maximizing revenue. The company is tailored to the needs of beauty and wellness providers including hair salons, barbershops, and massage therapists. With a Booksy subscription, businesses gain access to the software platform and suite of integrated tools. Booksy also offers a B2C marketplace that allows individuals to discover beauty and wellness providers in their area, read reviews, and book appointments. Today, Booksy serves over 125 thousand businesses and more than 30 million individuals use Booksy to book their appointments across the U.S. (its largest market), Poland, UK, France, and Spain.

Stefan, co-founder of Booksy, is a Polish serial entrepreneur. He co-founded his first company, a software development house called eo Networks while working on his master’s thesis. Despite challenges, he led eo Networks to rapid growth for 12 years. Seeking to create a more scalable and tech-centric business, Stefan founded iTaxi in 2013, the first taxi-hailing app in Eastern Europe. During his time leading iTaxi, he became an ultramarathoner and started to see a physical therapist regularly. There, he witnessed the challenges of business owners who work with their hands, which inspired the creation of Booksy in 2014.


Entrepreneurs: Cordel Robbin-Coker and Lucy Hoffman
Industry: Commerce
Endeavor Office: South Africa

Carry1st is an African mobile games developer and publisher with the capacity to develop, publish, distribute, and monetize games across the continent.

Launched in 2018, Carry1st addresses the difficulty in monetizing mobile games and marketing on a continent with distinct payment infrastructure, languages, cultures, and gaming communities. Carry1st publishes both its own games and licenses third-party games with internationally known IPs. It also offers a fintech platform (Pay1st) that helps game developers monetize existing player bases for games such as Call of Duty & Clash of Clans. Since launching, the company has published six games which have collectively been downloaded over 20 million times.

Cordel and Lucy, Carry1st’s co-founders, met at Morgan Stanley while working as analysts. Cordel was born in Sierra Leone and moved to the USA at the age of six. After working at Morgan Stanley, he joined The Carlyle Group as Junior Chief of Staff to the CEO. There, he helped raise their first Africa-focused fund and later moved to Nigeria to join the fund. During this time, Lucy was also working in Africa. After Morgan Stanley, she moved to South Africa to join Nexii, a fintech startup. She later joined an education startup called African Leadership Academy, where she served as Chief of Staff to the CEO. In 2018, Cordel and Lucy teamed up to start Carry1st believing that the future of the continent was in mobile technology-driven companies.


Entrepreneurs: Jose Gedeón and Felipe Gedeón
Industry: Fintech
Endeavor Office: Colombia

Cobre offers businesses a consolidated platform for treasury management built upon its proprietary payments infrastructure.

Founded in 2020, Cobre addresses the issue of treasury management and payments for businesses in Colombia. Cobre’s platform consolidates a company’s accounts into one place, providing a single source of truth and a unified operations hub for CFOs. Cobre’s payment infrastructure connects the top six banks in Colombia, covering 95% of transactions in the country, enabling instant digital payments to and from any bank account. Today, one out of every 20 employees in Colombia is paid through Cobre, and the company serves around 150 B2B clients including Betsson, Jeeves, dLocal, and Payana.

Co-founders Jose and Felipe are cousins raised like brothers. They lived in the same building in Cartagena, Colombia, attended the same high school, and both enrolled at The Wharton School. After graduating, Jose worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Co. before founding his first venture, Tracker, a data-based app for ride-hailing drivers. Following this, he joined OYO Mexico and progressed to Director of Profitability and Network. Felipe joined Selina, a global hospitality startup from Panama, after college. There, he expanded the company from five hotels to 150 projects within two years. In 2020, Jose and Felipe launched Cobre seeing the potential for transformative payment solutions in Colombia.


Entrepreneurs: Roger Larach and Roger Teran
Industry: Fintech
Endeavor Office: Mexico

R2 partners with technology platforms commonly used by small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to provide easy financing to their merchants.

Founded in 2020, R2 handles the entire lending process end-to-end, from assessing creditworthiness to collecting back the capital it provides to merchants. Since its inception, R2 has launched in Mexico, Colombia, and Chile, and formed 11 partnerships with some of the region’s most iconic technology platforms, including Endeavor Entrepreneurs Clip and Rappi.

Co-founders Roger Larach and Roger Teran founded the company to address the $1.8 trillion SME financing gap across Latin America. Roger Larach was born and raised in Honduras. He began his career as an investment banker, and briefly worked on strategy and finance at Endeavor Entrepreneur Ualá before co-founding R2. Roger Teran grew up in El Salvador before attending Boston College, where he met Roger Larach. He began his career as an analyst in Nicaragua and then moved to Costa Rica to work in strategy consulting and private equity. He later became the third data scientist at WeWork pre-Softbank investment. Before co-founding R2, he led data and analytics at Reef, one of the largest networks of dark kitchens in North America.

Fit Hub

Industry: Healthcare
Endeavor Office: Indonesia

Fit Hub is an Indonesia-based chain of tech-enabled gyms offering high-quality facilities and unlimited fitness classes at an affordable price.

Founded in 2020, Fit Hub aims to democratize health and wellness offerings for Indonesians by providing access to high-quality facilities with memberships starting at $16 per month. Within Fit Hub’s mobile app, customers can sign up for a gym membership, book classes, and personal training appointments, and access free online workout content. The company operates 70 fitness clubs across 16 cities in Indonesia, serving over 70 thousand active users.

Endeavor also held a selection panel this month for one company that attended a previous ISP and was invited to come back to a second panel, following the achievement of select business milestones. This month, we proudly announce the selection of one remarkable founder as an Endeavor Entrepreneur. Throughout the rigorous ISP process, he has demonstrated exceptional potential for high-impact growth and a steadfast commitment to nurturing their local entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Endeavor would like to thank our panelists from this selection panel:

Mohamed Azab, Grinta (Endeavor Entrepreneur, Endeavor Egypt Board Member); Dermot Halpin, former Expedia, Tripadvisor; Stephane Levy, Cooley LLP.

Our New Entrepreneur

Learn more about the entrepreneur below:


Entrepreneurs: Guilherme Weigert
Industry: Healthcare
Endeavor Office: Brazil

Conexa Saúde is the largest digital healthcare platform in Latin America working to democratize quality health through technology.

Founded in 2017, Conexa Saúde provides a range of health services, from mental health support to chronic illness management, through an integrated online platform. The platform connects companies, healthcare providers, doctors, and patients, facilitating seamless collaboration. The company currently serves over one million customers who benefit from the affordability, quality of care, flexibility, and ability to address multiple health problems all within the same place.

Founder Guilherme is a doctor by trade who has always been fascinated by technology. His entrepreneurial journey began with the founding of Jaleko in 2010, a medical education platform focused on medical students. The platform became known as the “Netflix” of medical education, reaching more than 200,000 students. Guilherme founded Conexa Saúde in 2017 with the ambition to expand access to healthcare in Latin America.

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