Smartick Teams Up With Alto Analytics on US Expansion

When artificial intelligence-based edtech company Smartick began looking to  expand to the US, Founder and Endeavor Entrepreneur Daniel González de Vega and his team knew a key challenge would be finding a place in a market already dominated by long standing competitors with more traditional learning methods. While in Europe, Smartick had successfully attracted customers with their free 15-day trial period, this method did not show the same results in the US.

So, Smartick connected with Alto Data Analytics — led by fellow Endeavor Spain Entrepreneur Alejandro Romero — to help form a stronger strategy to attract qualified leads.

Selected into the Endeavor network in 2015 and 2016 respectively, the entrepreneurs leading Smartick and Alto Data Analytics have received support from the Endeavor network through receiving advising, participating in programs with top universities, such as MIT, and, as in this case, tapping into a worldwide network of entrepreneurs.

A key component of the Endeavor model, peer and industry connections have helped Endeavor Entrepreneurs gain mentoring, scale their businesses, and even find new business partners within their home countries and across the world.

Using Alto’s big data software to identify and analyze the digital conversation about edtech, which lead to identifying influencers, Smartick was able to implement an inbound lead strategy using influencer marketing that increased brand awareness and attract qualified leads who are now loyal customers.

Learn more about how the two Endeavor Entrepreneur-led companies worked together in Alto Data Analytics’ recap.