Endeavor Selects 13 Entrepreneurs From Six Markets at the 33rd Virtual International Selection Panel

Endeavor selected 13 entrepreneurs leading seven companies at the 33rd Virtual International Selection Panel (vISP) held January 23-25, 2023. Endeavor now supports 2,415 entrepreneurs leading 1,492 companies in 41 markets around the world.

The vISP was presented by General Atlantic, with additional support from AXA, Bain, Cooley, EY, HSBC, Silicon Valley Bank, and Zoom.

The ISP is the culmination of a rigorous multi-step selection process to identify high-impact entrepreneurs from all over the world. During this process, we seek founders who demonstrate the potential to leverage Endeavor’s resources and mentorship to create large-scale wealth and jobs, as well as those who commit to reinvesting time and resources into their local ecosystems to help build the next generation of entrepreneurs.

During the ISP, panelists interview an exclusive group of candidate entrepreneurs about their businesses. Then, panelists evaluate the entrepreneurs on their potential for high-impact growth, discuss which candidates should be selected to become Endeavor Entrepreneurs, and ultimately, vote to select new Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

Endeavor would like to thank our panelists: Amr Shady, Tribal Credit (Endeavor Entrepreneur; Endeavor Egypt Board Chair); Cesar Carvalho, Gympass (Endeavor Brazil Board Member); Chris Miller, Everside Health (Endeavor Entrepreneur); David Wells, Start-up Advisor & Fmr. Netflix CFO; Fırat İşbecer, Commencis (Endeavor Entrepreneur; Endeavor Turkey Board Member); Francisco Alvarez-Demalde, Riverwood Capital (Endeavor Global Ambassador); Larry Chu, Goodwin Law; Luis Arbulú, Salkantay (Endeavor Entrepreneur; Endeavor Peru Board Member); Monica Brand Engel, Quona Capital; Obi Ozor, KOBO360 (Endeavor Entrepreneur); Susan Anderson, Cannonball Capital Inc. (Endeavor Canada Board Chair); and Terry Hanold, Startup-Advisor & Fmr. Amazon VP.

Endeavor Entrepreneurs have had a significant track record of impact. They have helped build sustainable growth models in their home countries by creating more than 3.4 million jobs, and Endeavor’s active portfolio companies generated combined revenue of over $28B throughout 2021.

Learn more about our new Endeavor Entrepreneurs below:


Entrepreneurs: Andrew McLeod & Owen Madrick
Enterprise Software & Services
Market: Canada

 Certn provides real-time comprehensive background checks and ongoing risk monitoring for employees, contractors, and tenants around the world, returning domestic and international criminal background checks, credit reports, reference checks, education verification, employment verification, motor vehicle records, identity verification, and more. The company is used by leading employers, staffing firms, property management companies, and the gig economy. Certn is based in Victoria, BC, and today, has raised over $114M from investors including B Capital, Tribe, Inovia Capital, Export Development Canada, and Telstra Ventures in its recent $80M Series B/B+ to expand internationally.


Entrepreneurs: Sanad Yaghi & Shadi Joulani
Enterprise Software & Services
Market: UAE

Dukkantek, derived from the Arabic word “Dukan” for corner shop in Arabic, offers MSMEs across the MENAT region a comprehensive store management platform that empowers them to establish an online presence and tackle store management, supply chain, and digital payments. The company provides MSMEs with three main offerings: (1) a platform via which they can track transactions, sales, and manage inventory, (2) the technology and tools to build their own eCommerce sites, and (3) a digital payments solution – for both online and in-store. Founded in 2021, Dukkantek has grown its ARR 700%+ YoY from 2021 to 2022 and already serves 25K+ stores across six countries. The company has raised $20M+ in funding from backers including GFC, BECO Capital, and Wamda Capital. 


Entrepreneurs: Luca Bovone
Consumer Tech – Proptech
Market: Italy

Operating in the growing global co-living market, Habyt aims to provide a reliable and tech-enabled housing solution for young professionals looking to avoid the hassle and set-up costs of traditional rentals. The company’s move-in ready rooms come fully furnished, fully serviced, and with a built-in community. Founded in Berlin in 2017, Habyt has expanded to new geographies via a M&A strategy, including this month’s merger with Common, the largest co-living operator in North America. Habyt now manages over 11K live rooms across 16 countries in Europe, Asia, and North America and has raised over $50M in total capital from investors, including Burda Principal Investments and P101.

Pop Meals

Entrepreneurs: Jonathan Weins & Jessica Li
Food & Beverage
Market: Malaysia

The Southeast Asian food-service market is estimated to reach $275B by 2025, with over 60% of meals prepared out of the home. As a result, Pop Meals was founded in 2020 in Malaysia to pioneer data-driven food development in the region. Pop Meals strives to serve affordable food in the fastest and most convenient ways through an omnichannel approach with a network of smart outlets. The company creates food that customers love by collecting and implementing customer feedback into product development processes. Since its launch, the company has become a well-known brand across Malaysia and has raised $27M in capital from investors, including Y Combinator and Rakuten Capital.


Entrepreneurs: Vitor Asseituno & Guilherme Berardo
Vertical: Healthcare – Insurtech

Market: Brazil

Founded in 2018, and launched in 2020, Sami is a Brazilian insurtech that provides health insurance and telemedicine services for SMEs and individual entrepreneurs. By restructuring the inefficiencies of the healthcare value chain, Sami is able to offer its products at a lower price and, through its focus on preventative measures, decreases user hospitalization rates in the long run. Operating in the 3rd largest private health market globally (Brazil), and with healthy unit economics and customer satisfaction rates, Sami has insured more than 15,000 lives in its first 24 months of operations, 75% of whom were purchasing private health insurance for the first time. Sami has received strong market validation from top regional investors, having raised a $17.2M Series A from Monashees and Valor Capital – the largest Series A in the history of the LATAM healthtech sector.


Entrepreneurs: Matheus Ganem & Daniel Rosa
Market: Brazil

Seedz is an ag-tech company founded in Brazil in 2017 to transform the agribusiness sector, which makes up approximately 25% of Brazil’s GDP. The company focuses on transforming data into action by integrating the entire agribusiness value chain through its digital products. Seedz is a customer relationship and loyalty platform that connects industry suppliers, distributors, resellers, and farmers to centralize and digitalize transactions in the industry and offer transparency to a traditionally opaque value chain. By directly connecting to ERPs from agribusiness multinationals, Seedz connects companies and farmers through cashback and loyalty campaigns to motivate sales. With its most recent $16.5M Series A round, Seedz has raised ~$21M in capital to date.

Thérapie Group

Entrepreneurs: Phillip McGlade & Katie McGlade
Vertical: Retail & Consumer Tech

Market: Ireland

Operating in the $99B Global Aesthetics Market, Thérapie Clinic is a well-known Irish brand that offers an array of aesthetic and medical treatments—including laser hair removal, anti-wrinkle injectables, fillers, and skin treatments—at accessible price points. Its mission is to “empower everyone to become the best possible version of themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin” by democratizing access to high-quality care. The company is a team of 1.5K employees who have served over half a million customers to date and operate 70+ clinics across Ireland and the UK (and will open its first clinic in the US in Mar. 2023), making it the number one provider of laser hair removal and aesthetic treatments in the Irish and UK markets. Thérapie Clinic is the largest brand housed within Thérapie Group, which is on a mission to provide aesthetics and care treatments to all and consists of two additional brands: Thérapie Fertility (making fertility treatments accessible to all) and Optilase (democratizing access to laser eye surgery).