First Endeavor Entrepreneur from Vietnam welcomed to the network

Endeavor selected 40 high-impact entrepreneurs leading 25 companies from 17 markets at the 87th International Selection Panel (ISP) in Madrid, Spain, held April 24-26, 2019, including the first Endeavor Entrepreneur from Vietnam, where Endeavor recently launched. Endeavor now supports 1,880 entrepreneurs leading 1,178 companies in 34 markets around the world.

The Coffee House’s Ninh Nguyen, Endeavor Vietnam’s first selected entrepreneur, with Endeavor Vietnam Managing Director Lan Anh Nguyen

The ISP is the culmination of a rigorous multi-step selection process to identify high-impact entrepreneurs who demonstrate the potential to leverage Endeavor’s resources and mentorship to create large-scale wealth and jobs, and are committed to reinvesting their time and money in their local entrepreneurship ecosystems to help others take off.

Over the course of the three-day event, panelists drawn from Endeavor’s extensive network of board members, mentors, supporters, and experienced Endeavor Entrepreneurs, interview entrepreneur candidates about their businesses, evaluating them on their potential for high-impact growth, and deliberating on which candidates should be selected to become Endeavor Entrepreneurs. Panelists must vote unanimously for a candidate to become an Endeavor Entrepreneur.

“The Madrid ISP brought together the best of the Endeavor network — dedicated board members and mentors; seasoned Endeavor Entrepreneurs paying it forward by lending their expertise to the selection process; and talented high-impact entrepreneurs from around the world looking to go big,” said Endeavor Co-founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg. “A huge congratulations to the newest Endeavor Entrepreneurs, and an especially warm welcome to Ninh Nguyen, Endeavor’s first entrepreneur from Vietnam!”

Once selected, Endeavor Entrepreneurs gain access to comprehensive customized services, including introductions to local and international business mentors and volunteers from Fortune 500 consulting firms who will help them address key needs.

Endeavor Entrepreneurs have had a significant track record of impact. Endeavor Entrepreneurs have created 3 million jobs, generated $20 billion in revenue in 2018, and help build sustainable growth models in their home countries.

Endeavor thanks BBVA, Finaccess, and Telefónica for their generous sponsorship of the Madrid ISP.

In 2019, ISPs will be held in Tokyo (July 1-3), Quito (August 5-7), Atlanta (September 23-25), Istanbul (October 21-23), and Riviera Maya (December 11-13). For more information on these events, please contact [email protected].

Learn more about the companies and entrepreneurs selected in Madrid below:


Company: 2ULaundry
Entrepreneur: Dan D’Aquisto and Alex Smereczniak
Description: 2ULaundry is building the first nationally recognized brand in laundry and dry cleaning by providing an innovative and effortless solution. The company is live in two markets, Charlotte, North Carolina and Atlanta,Georgia with plans to launch 5 additional markets over the next 18 months.

Company: Worthix
Entrepreneur: Guilherme Cerqueira
Description: Worthix is the world’s first self-adaptive customer survey platform. Using cutting edge mathematical models and artificial intelligence, Worthix creates unique questions based on what respondents want to talk about without any human intervention. It eliminates biases and allows for scalable one-on-one dialogues with customers to reveal the true drivers of purchasing decisions. Worthix currently helps 50+ of the world’s largest brands understand their worth and keep their value propositions updated.


Company: Tempest Security Intelligence
Entrepreneur: Cristiano Lincoln Mattos
Description: In today’s digital world, cyber-attacks on companies’ devices, networks, and data can cost them their customers’ trust and their ability to operate, not to mention significant financial losses ($1.9M on average per data breach). Through its wide range of products and services, Tempest provides end-to-end security solutions for enterprise clients from banks to e-retailers, enabling them to focus on their core businesses with confidence that their digital infrastructure is secure.


Company: GeoVictoria
Entrepreneurs: Rodrigo Lewit and Sergio Astudillo
Description: When a key team member is late or missing, it’s impossible for business to continue uninterrupted. GeoVictoria helps companies track and manage absenteeism among workforces that are distributed across many locations. Its software integrates with any clock.


Company: Mesfix
Entrepreneur: Felipe Tascon Ortiz
Description: There are over 1.5M enterprises MSMEs in Colombia that cannot access credit lines from a formal institution until they have at least 3 to 5 years of operations with profitable balances. On the other end, around 97% of Colombia’s population lacks access to investment opportunities for modest capital amounts. Mesfix connects enterprises with independent investors through a crowdfactoring platform. Companies receive funding to increase their working capital while it allows people to make small, secure and short-term investments in order to increase their personal savings at a better rate than those offered by regular savings accounts.


Company: bioFeeder
Entrepreneurs: Diego Crespo and Fernando Pino
Description: bioFeeder is bringing the outmoded shrimp farming industry into the 21st century. Its SaaS platform enables farms to improve shrimp growth and survival rates by releasing food into their ponds incrementally via connected feeders. The platform can automate the company’s own feeders, which it sells or rents with a Hardware-as-a-Service model, as well as less advanced feeders, which can be retrofitted for compatibility.


Company: Civitanavi Systems,
Entrepreneur: Andrea Pizzarulli
Description: Civitanavi produces cutting-edge Fiber Optic Gyroscopes (FOGs) that are used to determine location, attitude, and compass heading in situations where GPS systems & compasses are not viable. Operating in the mining, aerospace, and defense sectors, it is the only manufacturer that can integrate off-the-shelf products from the telecommunications industry to produce at lower cost than the competition.

Company: Codemotion
Entrepreneurs: Mara Marzocchi, Carlotta Cattaneo, Chiara Russo and Andrea Ferlito
Description: Codemotion is the most trusted community for developers and the most reliable partner for companies to engage developers. Codemotion’s developer community is engaged through its omni-channel platform (B2C), which combines offline (conferences, tech meetups, hackathons, training courses) and online services (webinars, tech videos and articles, coding competitions, job opportunities). Codemotion offers the same multichannel platform for companies (B2B) to help clients boost adoption of tech products, and additionally, identify, recruit, and train tech talent.


Company: Switcher, Inc.
Entrepreneur: Nick Mattingly
Description: Switcher Studio is a video creation platform that helps businesses make better video more often. As demand and consumption for online video continue to increase, traditional video production methods remain expensive, complicated, and time-consuming. Switcher is changing how video gets made with a focus on ease of use, mobility and interactivity. Edit-while-you-shoot and record or stream live video to your customers and communities to drive revenue and engagement. All you need is Switcher Studio and an iPhone or iPad.


Company: Bateriku
Entrepreneur: Azarol Faizi
Description: Bateriku aims to spark change in the battery replacement industry, influencing how consumers manage car battery failures and making the current process as smooth flowing as possible. Bateriku provides an easily accessible, high-quality battery replacement service using well-trained mobile technicians and a real-time tracking platform. The company became a leader in the battery breakdown market in Malaysia due to its use of technology, and hopes to continue its rapid growth in the future.

Company: Common Ground
Entrepreneurs: Erman Akinci and Juhn Teo
Description: Common Ground (CG) is leading Southeast Asia’s co-working landscape by being the largest and most diverse co-working group. The company has grown from 3 locations at the end of 2017 to 15 locations across Malaysia (12) and the Philippines (3) to date. Besides providing members with a working environment to thrive in, CG aims to make work easier with CGBenefits, members have access to exclusive promotions from localized partners including retailers, discounted airline tickets and insurance coverage, all accessible via their Ambition app. Members also have access to a suite of business applications and services from other CG members or external vendors, including accountancy, legal, HR, taxation, and incorporation advisory services.

Company: GoQuo
Entrepreneur: Ron Ramanan
Description: GoQuo provides a full service eCommerce solution to leading airlines to maximize their revenue. Through its network of over 40 ancillary service partners with — which includes more than 500,000 hotels, tour companies, transportation companies and more — GoQuo helps airlines leverage customer data to offer complete travel bundles and increase revenue from non-air products.


Company: Urbvan
Entrepreneurs: Renato Picard and Joao Albino
Description: In Mexico City, more than 40% of citizens spend over 2 hours commuting each day; one in every two people makes more than three transfers to reach their destinations, and 68% have been physically harassed in public transportation. Urbvan is an app-based mass transit mobility platform that connects inner-city commuters by providing a network of branded vans that are safe, comfortable, and efficient.


Company: TISSINI
Entrepreneur: Sion Tesone
Description: TISSINI is a for-profit social enterprise to address the need of low-income U.S. Hispanic women to earn extra income to provide for their families. It is a single-level direct sales (DS) company that seeks to develop close relationships with its client base (called emprendedoras) and support them through their sales process. TISSINI has a very simple model: “emprendedoras” buy an exclusive product at wholesale and sell the product at retail prices, keeping the difference when they sell the products they purchased. The model focuses on selling exclusive, quality products to the “emprendedoras” natural social network.


Company: DabaDoc
Entrepreneur: Zineb Drissi-Kaitouni
Description: DabaDoc is an online appointment booking platform for patients to find the doctor of their choice. It provides clinical services for doctors, clinics, and hospitals to manage electronic medical records of patients more efficiently through its platform — DabaDoc Pro. With over 2M users and 6K doctors active on the platform, DabaDoc is able to facilitate appointment bookings across Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. In late 2018, the company released its telehealth platform called DabaDoc Live, where patients can consult doctors “live” using a smartphone application.


Company: The FilmHouse and FilmOne Group
Entrepreneurs: Moses Babatope and Kene Okwuosa
Description: FilmHouse and FilmOne are building platforms to support the thriving Nigerian film industry (Nollywood). Due to weak distribution channels and a scarcity of local cinemas, it is still a challenge to enjoy the wealth of content produced by Nollywood, the world’s second largest film industry by output. FilmHouse is Nigeria’s largest chain of cinemas, screening Hollywood blockbusters alongside premium Nollywood films. FilmOne is the production and distribution arm of the company. It is the exclusive regional distributor for 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros., and co-produces a number of premium Nollywood films. The group recently launched MyFilmHouse, a streaming video on demand platform that gives Nigerians access to foreign films, and foreigners access to Nollywood films.

Company: Flutterwave
Entrepreneur: Olugbenga Agboola
Description: Flutterwave is a payment technology company focused on helping banks and businesses provide seamless and secure payment experiences for their customers.


Company: Mária Almenara
Entrepreneurs: Armando de la Flor and Mária Almenara
Description: Mária Almenara (MA) is Lima’s leading bakery, offering the freshest homemade desserts baked with top quality ingredients using Mária’s family recipes. Through its B2B production channel, MA offers a large-scale, quality-consistent, and homemade assortment of baked goods for Peru’s largest F&B companies. The company uses enhanced technology and calibrated production processes to optimize production times and costs, while still maintaining artisan-quality desserts for its customers. MA’s mastery of its manufacturing procedures has allowed the company to open two neighborhood stores and further consolidate the Peruvian baked goods market. MA’s in-store menu caters to the sweet tooth, as well as the savory palate with salad, sandwiches and pasta options.

Company: Zest Capital
Entrepreneurs: Eduardo Galvez and Flavia Becker
Description: Zest Capital is disrupting the local market as Peru’s 1st wealth management fintech company. Pooling together top-rated products from 30 world-class banks, Zest is the first structured notes fund in Peru and offers easy and low-cost access to global investment opportunities for middle class investors. Zest’s fully digital platform allows customers to design their own portfolios, selecting instruments, terms, rates, and credit risk with the ability to complete registration and trade execution in less than 48 hours. Zest offers a lower cost, more accessible alternative for investors than Peru’s largest funds.


Company: Nice One
Entrepreneurs: Omar Al-Olayan and Abdulrahman Al-Olayan
Description: Nice One is the first and largest e-commerce platform for cosmetics in Saudi Arabia that has more than 300,000 app downloads on Google Play and Apple App Store. The orders are placed through the app or website, paid in cash, card, or PayPal, and delivered in less than 24 hours inside Riyadh, and less than 48 hours all across KSA. Nice One differentiates itself thanks to its phenomenal logistics. No other e-commerce platform is able to satisfy same-day delivery for end consumers. Nice One partners with various local logistics companies to to meet the same-day delivery demand in Riyadh, while also partnering with with SMSA (Saudi Post Office) to deliver its products in less than 48 hours around Saudi. It’s currently testing the UAE market to check whether or not it is a viable expansion strategy.

Company: Whites
Entrepreneur: Turki AL-Yahya
Description: Whites is a Saudi Arabian leading beauty and lifestyle/wellness retailer inspiring customers with a diverse selection of brands and more than 20,000 products. Whites major mission is to constantly redefining the beauty and lifestyle shopping experience for every guest, through passionate people and a personalized range of products and services, 3,000 of which are exclusive. WHITES does that through offering high-end and premium product ranges and experiences together with the day to day and drugstore needs of its target segment. That makes the unique concept of WHITES and its stores overlap with different retailer formats, such as luxury beauty retailers, department stores, drugstore and lifestyle concept stores.


Company: Clicars
Entrepreneurs: Pablo Fernandez Alvarez and Carlos Rivera
Description: Clicars is a safe e-commerce platform for buying cars hassle free. Clicars’s proprietary algorithm determines car prices based on real market data, and allows the company to negotiate better prices with sellers, mostly other car dealers. Once acquired, every car undergoes a rigorous 250-point mechanical inspection as well as a full reconditioning and detailing. For buyers, Clicars offers competitive prices, an industry standard mechanical warranty, home delivery and a 15-day or 1,000km money-back guarantee. In addition, Clicars buyers can access attractive financing and insurance plans through financial partners such as Santander and BBVA, all done digitally.

Company: We Are Knitters
Entrepreneur: Pepita Marin
Description: We Are Knitters provides an outlet for mindfulness and creativity through its curated knitting kits and global knitting community. Customers can purchase the Peruvian wool, recyclable knitting needles, and step by step patterns necessary to create the stylish apparel and home accessories featured in the company’s product catalog. On social media, the hashtag #weareknitters unites knitters at all levels of experience to share their successes, challenges, and wisdom with one another.


Company: MASS Analytics
Entrepreneurs: Ramla Jarrar and Firas Jabloun
Description: MASS Analytics offers state-of-the-art Marketing Analytics & Software Solutions showing customers the optimal way to spend their marketing budgets, achieve maximum ROI and predict future performance. It’s flagship product, “MassTer”, helps clients across 12 countries to increase marketing ROI by at least 15% while saving in excess of 50% of the delivery time on marketing effectiveness projects.


Company: The Coffee House
Entrepreneur: Ninh Nguyen
Description: The Coffee House is the fastest growing coffee chain in Vietnam, that embraces local culture while bringing world-class experience at affordable prices. Living by its mantra of “Delivering Wow and Happiness” the company serves over 100,000 customers daily. The Coffee House plans to expand across South East Asia with 500 locations by 2022 and also export its own, high-quality Vietnamese coffee globally. The Coffee House stands out as a unique local Vietnam brand with a relaxed atmosphere, delicious, locally sourced drinks and attention to detail.


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