Endeavor selected 19 high-impact entrepreneurs leading 11 companies from 10 markets at the 89th International Selection Panel (ISP) in Quito, Ecuador, held August 5-7, 2019. Endeavor now supports 1,930 entrepreneurs leading 1,206 companies in 34 markets around the world.

The ISP is the culmination of a rigorous multi-step selection process to identify high-impact entrepreneurs who demonstrate the potential to leverage Endeavor’s resources and mentorship to create large-scale wealth and jobs, and are committed to reinvesting their time and money in their local entrepreneurship ecosystems to help others take off.

Over the course of the three-day event, panelists drawn from Endeavor’s extensive network of board members, mentors, supporters, and experienced Endeavor Entrepreneurs, interview entrepreneur candidates about their businesses, evaluating them on their potential for high-impact growth, and deliberating on which candidates should be selected to become Endeavor Entrepreneurs. Panelists must vote unanimously for a candidate to become an Endeavor Entrepreneur.

“The Quito International Selection Panel brought together a hugely talented pool of entrepreneurs and experienced industry role models from the growing local ecosystem and around the world,” said Endeavor co-founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg. “It’s exciting to see the Endeavor network continue to diversify and grow across industries and geographies, and the caliber of the entrepreneurs selected continue to raise the bar! We look forward to helping the newest entrepreneurs make an impact at scale.”

Once selected, Endeavor Entrepreneurs gain access to comprehensive customized services, including introductions to local and international business mentors and volunteers from Fortune 500 consulting firms who will help them address key needs.

Endeavor Entrepreneurs have had a significant track record of impact. Endeavor Entrepreneurs have created 3 million jobs, generated $20 billion in revenue in 2018, and help build sustainable growth models in their home countries.

Endeavor thanks Quito ISP sponsors J.P. Morgan, Telefónica, and SoftBank.

In 2019, ISPs will be held in Atlanta (September 23-25), Istanbul (October 21-23), and Riviera Maya (December 11-13). For more information on these events, please contact [email protected].

Learn more about the companies and entrepreneurs selected in Quito below:


Entrepreneurs: Julian Lisenberg and Sebastian Nuñez Castro
Company: GeoPagos
Description: GeoPagos’ cutting edge technology provides an end-to-end digital payment solution for banks, processors, acquirers and payment facilitators across Latin America. Acting as a technological partner, the company helps clients digitize traditional payment processes. Its mobile point of sale (mPOS) solution turns any mobile device into an intelligent point of sale system, and integrates it into a complete ecosystem of payment solutions. Through its white label solution, GeoPagos offers over seven connected payment modules that can be modified and quickly implemented to suit clients’ needs.


Entrepreneur: Kyle Porter
Company: SalesLoft
Description: SalesLoft is helping transform sales teams into modern sales organizations with its industry leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. The SalesLoft Engagement Platform helps sales representatives (reps) set and execute on a cadence of phone, email and social communications so they can turn more target accounts into customers. 


Entrepreneurs: Robson Campos, Igor Gatis and Gustavo Danzi
Company: Acqio
Description: While card payments are booming in Brazil’s cities, small merchants in the countryside and urban peripheries have largely been left out of this movement. Acqio is opening access to financial services to these masses of “micro-entrepreneurs” by distributing a point-of-sale (POS) terminal, processing card payments, and providing a digital sales management system. Acqio reaches their customers through a unique model – “coaches,” whom Acqio franchises, sell terminals and provide high-touch, on-the-ground support to customers. Four years after its founding, Acqio boasts wide networks of coaches and merchants in all 26 states of Brazil.

Entrepreneurs: Guilherme Hobold, Andre Krummenauer, Leonardo Coelho, Gabriel Nunes Menezes and Pedro Galoppini
Company: Involves
Description: Involves is a Brazilian SaaS company that provides Field Force Automation software to the merchandising workforce of the CPG Industry. Their application improves labor productivity by up to 38%, increases compliance by 38%, and offers business insights through advanced analytics, image recognition, and artificial intelligence.


Entrepreneurs: Carlos Contreras and Gert Findel
Company: AIM Manager
Description: AIM Manager is a SaaS company in Santiago, Chile, offering property management software to large-scale real estate operators. With four solutions aimed at digitally transforming all aspects of a real estate operation, its software results in an average 25% reduction in time dedicated to on-site jobs, and an 80% reduction in time spent processing information. This provides improved control and compliance mechanisms, giving real-time insight and business intelligence into these processes and workflows.


Entrepreneur: Jose Calderon
Company: MUY
Description: MUY is a chain of low-cost restaurants that seeks to formalize the sector of eating during the working day in Colombia. It currently has 3 points of sale and in 2019 it will close with 30 points of sale including one in Medellin and one in Mexico D.F.


Entrepreneurs: Estefania Moran and Oscar Plazs
Company: Contifico
Description: Contifico is an accounting and financial management platform for MSMEs in Ecuador. Foreign accounting solutions that can address the nuances of local requirements tend to cater to large organizations and charge accordingly, leaving smaller businesses without an affordable tech enabled accounting option. Contifico addresses these businesses with an online accounting platform and an electronic point of sale system, and plans to bring these solutions to MSMEs across the country and soon, the region.


Entrepreneurs: Ignacio de la Garza Evia and Carlos de la Garza Evia
Company: Diet Line
Description: Diet Line is the first and only solution in Mexico offering locally-made, keto-adapted (low carb, high-protein) products catering to local palates. Rising above a deluge of fad diets and “miracle cures,” Diet Line offers a results-driven roadmap for weight loss. Diet Line goes to market as Zélé, a line of keto-adapted foods sold B2B to doctors and nutritionists. As Mexico’s first homegrown keto solution, Diet Line is leading the way in driving awareness and demand among medical professionals and the general public alike.


Entrepreneurs: Christian Suárez and Samantha Lafosse-Marin
Company: Beso Francés
Description: Beso Francés is Peru’s 1st fast-casual creperie chain to offer a unique French experience, bringing the essence of Parisian romance to Lima. With sweet and savory crepes and a curated Parisian atmosphere, Peruvians get a taste of France as they step into Beso Francés. To date, the company has opened 9 locations across Lima and will soon bring its French creperie concept to foodies across Latin America through strategic franchise partnerships.


Entrepreneur: Mario Jordan “Magellan” Fetalino III
Company: Acudeen
Description: Acudeen is a Philippines-based fintech company that helps small and medium sized businesses bridge short-term working capital gaps. Acudeen’s factoring platform allows SMEs to finance their accounts receivable ahead of time by selling them at a discount to investors. Acudeen’s auction-based marketplace connects these businesses to investors, who provide upfront capital and earn the right to collect the full invoice when it matures. Acudeen solves a major pain point for Philippine SMEs, who often struggle to remain operational as a result of systemically late payments from purchasers and a lack of alternative financing options. As the only FCI-accredited factoring company in the Philippines with partnerships and joint ventures in six of the country’s top export destinations, Acudeen is quickly becoming a leader in the $222B Philippine SME financing market.


Entrepreneur: Enric Asuncion
Company: Wallbox
Description: Wallbox is a company whose main goal is to design, manufacture and distribute innovative charging systems to support the advent of sustainable transport. Our aim is to accelerate the change into a more sustainable ways of transportation by providing a comprehensive, simple and effective solution for the charging issues among electric vehicles. Wallbox is focused in helping the EV industry to make electric and plug in hybrid cars an attractive alternative to more traditional ways of transportation. Wallbox also wants to reduce customer efforts during the purchasing process of EVs and PHEV’s. Customer must conceive the charging process as simple and usual as we think about filling our cars with conventional fuel.


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