EY Vantage Program Field Report: Mexico’s Tanya Moss

EY Vantage Advisors spend six weeks on the ground with Endeavor Entrepreneurs, leveraging their professional knowledge as high-performing employees at EY to work on business development and consulting projects. The Advisors help the entrepreneurs’ companies to evaluate technology solutions, improve financial reporting, initiate organizational improvement initiatives, and much more. This placement took place from April to May 2017.

Tanya Moss is an Endeavor Entrepreneur who designs jewelry for the modern woman, with products distinguished by their high-quality stones and butterfly motifs. Her namesake brand combines timeless taste with a contemporary flair. She was selected in August 2014.

Tanya has received recognitions from Krispy Kreme, Chrysler, and Samsung for her designs, and she operates shops found in 32 malls. Leading up to the EY Vantage program, however, Tanya was at a critical inflection point. She lacked inventory management procedures, and she needed financial and operational tools to inform and forecast her company’s growth. Tanya had to get her day-to-day operations in order before continuing to scale. She looked to Endeavor for the resources to accomplish these goals.

That’s where Lorenzo Moran came in. Lorenzo is a Senior Manager for Assurance in EY’s Los Angeles office, and he flew to Mexico City to consult with Tanya. He began by creating benchmarks for future growth, providing a standard procedure for forecasting the coming year’s sales. For the budgeting process, Lorenzo made sure to implement safeguards to protect Tanya against over- or under-spending on inventory. He left behind best practices for tracking inventory and drawing up insightful balance sheets, allowing Tanya and her board to focus on the big picture.

“This is exactly what we needed,” said Tanya. “Through the deliverables, we are able to see our operations more clearly and can make more concrete, data driven decisions in our operations going forward.” Fewer expensive jewelry components are lost, and production managers benefit with more efficient and precise procedures for tracking inventory. With preparations ready for a new round of expansion, Tanya is excited to take her market presence to the next level.

Lorenzo was able to expand his knowledge of the Mexican jewelry market. He found this experience with an Endeavor company a rich source of professional growth and personal impact. He says, “The EY Vantage Program was a gem in my career. Not only did it satisfy my curiosity of what exists outside my service line, it also opened my mind to business practices and cultures outside my everyday life.”

At the end of the day, Tanya Moss found her footing for rapid growth, and Lorenzo Moran discovered a new opportunity to develop and expand his skillset. Endeavor’s relationship with EY has allowed cross-cultural dialogue to become the language of high-impact business, whose story continues to be told by entrepreneurs from around the world.

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