The Global Impact of Cabify Alumni

Inspiration from Juan de Antonio

Juan de Antonio, the founder and CEO of Cabify, has inspired generations of employees to start their own businesses. After Cabify was founded in 2011 in Spain, the ridesharing app grew rapidly and achieved unicorn status in 2018.

Working at Cabify during its rapid growth helped employees develop the skills needed to become founders of highly successful businesses.

The Cabify Alumni, who include more than 80 former employees, have founded nearly 90 companies in 15 countries. Across tech companies in Spain, Cabify ranks in the top one percent in terms of the number of alumni who founded companies. Among its peer cohort of Spanish companies founded between 2009 and 2013, Cabify has the most alumni-founded companies.

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Meet the Cabify Alumni

Several employees who held C-Suite and management positions at Cabify went on to build their own high-impact companies.


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