Egypt’s Vezeeta Expands to Jordan and Lebanon With Support from Endeavor Network, a leader in digital healthcare solutions in the MENA region,and led by Endeavor Egpyt Entrepreneur Amir Barsoum,is expanding its online booking platform into Jordan and Lebanon. Drawing from connections built through Endeavor’s global network, Endeavor Jordan mentor Rami Adwan will serve as the region’s general manager for the expansion, which will  connect thousands more patients to healthcare practitioners through fast, around-the-clock, online appointment booking.

CEO of Jordanian company Electronic Health Solutions, Rami has also served as an Endeavor Board Member in addition to mentoring entrepreneurs.

“We believe that it all starts with our talent and each country’s leadership,” commented Amir Barsoum, Co-founder and CEO to Thomson Reuters Zawya. “Employee empowerment and ownership are the keys behind our success story. We started off with four employees and today we have reached 150 and counting as we continue to grow and expand regionally. Appointing Rami speaks miles about where Vezeeta is going today and its potential in the region” added Amir.

The success of Vezeeta’s technology comes from its unique ability to address real, major problems faced by patients when trying to access doctors in the region.

Incessant tales of mismanagement and miscommunication in the healthcare industry led Amir to recognize the need for a digital healthcare ecosystem that could create an integrated, more efficient community. Today, Vezeeta’s technology is transforming the healthcare industry by reducing the problem of long lines at clinics, listing comprehensive clinic and doctor information on the platform and collecting feedback on patients from their experiences. The company’s “Vezeeta Care” technology also helps doctors manage their practices, schedules and medical records to further improve patient experiences.

Amir was selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in 2014 at the 55th International Selection Panel in Istanbul. Since then, Amir has worked with the Endeavor Egypt team to expand his business and gain access to mentors and partners, such as Rami, as well as become a mentor for newer Endeavor Egypt entrepreneurs himself.

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