Move Over Siri, in the Middle East Salma Has Your Number announced the launch of “Salma,” an Arabic Siri-like AI assistant, which is set the bridge the gap between different dialects of Arabic language for Arabic natural language processing. The Jordan-based company, led by Endeavor Entrepreneurs Mohammad Jaber and Rami Al-Qawasmi, debuted the product during the Dubai Lynx International Festival of Creativity in March.

The Mawdoo3 founders celebrate their selection into the Endeavor network.

Arabic speakers are the fastest growing linguistic group on the internet, yet less than 1% of internet content is available in Arabic. Mawdoo3 is helping fill this void with digital content, writing and publishing credible, informative articles across various topics. With over 35 million users in the Arabic world monthly, Salma is poised to have significant impact in the region, while at the same time, enabling improved accuracy in mapping the Arabic language and linguistics.

While global players such as Google, Apple, and Amazon rapidly advance and enhance their AI technology, it has been a relatively uncharted field in Arabic. Mawdoo3 is one of the trailblazing companies in the MENA region to begin tackling AI specifically catering to Arabic language.

Launched in 2012, Mawdoo3 has grown exponentially as a content platform, its users increasing by millions monthly. Mohammad and Rami were selected into the Endeavor network in October 2017 at the 75th International Selection Panel in Sofia, Bulgaria. With support from the Endeavor network, the entrepreneurs aim to become the global leader in Arabic-language content. With Salma, they’re on their way.

Watch a demonstration of the product via Endeavor Jordan, here.