Mercado Libre Named One of the Best Places to Work in the World

Mercado Libre was recognized as one of the world’s best workplaces by Great Place to Work, a Fortune Magazine partner, alongside world-class companies including Salesforce, Cisco, Hilton, DHL and others. The ecommerce platform, which ranked seventh in the list of 25, employs nearly 7,000 people in its main operations across Latin America — and enables over 500,000 others to make a living through selling on its platform.

The ranking commended Mercado Libre’s entrepreneurial culture; their emphasis on growth, development, and curiosity; and their benefits encouraging work-life balance.

Mercado Libre CEO and Endeavor Entrepreneur Marcos Galperin | Photo by Kieran Kesner

“It is a disruptive company in every sense of the word, the difference makes us stand out,” commented one employee to Great Place to Work. “The physical environment, plus the work environment contribute to make it a very pleasant place to work. You learn and you challenge yourself every day, you work autonomously. We have a thousand benefits.”

Co-founded by Endeavor Entrepreneurs Nicolas Szekasy, Hernán Kazah and Marcos Galperin, was selected as one of Endeavor’s earliest companies in 1999. Immersed in the culture of Silicon Valley, Marcos and co-founder Hernán Kazah developed a passion for the internet while attending business school. Both entrepreneurial by nature, the pair decided to team up to found an eBay-style site in Argentina, emphasizing local content to outperform its competitors.

Today, Mercado Libre is one of Endeavor’s most impactful companies, with sites across 12 countries — including Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, where Endeavor made key introductions — and is owned in part by eBay, a deal that Endeavor helped Mercado Libre negotiate. Mercado Libre is listed on the NASDAQ-100 with market cap of over $10 billion.

Nicolas, Hernán and Marcos have also fulfilled Endeavor’s model by giving back to the organization, serving on Global Advisory Boards and as panelists and mentors — a value they’ve interwoven into the growth, structure and culture of their company.

“We want to co-create a better future, driven by what we have in our DNA: entrepreneurship,” the company announced in their 2017 Sustainability Report.

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Learn more about Mercado Libre through the company’s employees in this short video below: