French President François Hollande Visits Endeavor Chile Company Accuhealth

Santiago, Chile – January 23 – As part of his first state visit to Chile, French president François Hollande met with Endeavor Entrepreneurs Xavier Urtubey and Pablo Felgaer at the headquarters of their groundbreaking telehealth company Accuhealth.

Xavier and Pablo gave the delegation, which included the French Minister of Health and other officials, a tour of their “virtual hospital,” where experienced nurses and doctors monitor a constant stream of data coming in from chronic and post-critical patients. The entrepreneurs explained how they have developed a win-win-win service that simultaneously improves patient health, delivers savings for insurance companies, and frees up resources in an overburdened health system.

Accuhealth Co-Founder Xavier Urtubey leads French President Francois Hollande on a tour of the company’s offices.

With Accuhealth’s telemonitoring kits, patients with diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic and post-critical conditions can measure their vitals from the comfort of their homes at regular intervals during the day. The company’s powerful data processing algorithms detect warning signs of potential complications, allowing the Accuhealth medical team to help patients take the necessary steps to protect their health before problems get out of control. The Accuhealth method has met with remarkable success, decreasing emergency room visits by 42% while saving insurers 50% per patient on average.

President Francois Hollande tours Accuhealth.

The trip to Accuhealth was arranged to mark Hollande’s commitment to fostering cooperation in innovation between France and Chile. Xavier and Pablo expressed how honored they were to have been selected among so many start-ups in Santiago, adding that this recognition reaffirmed their commitment to disrupting a traditional health care paradigm that is costly, inefficient, and lets too many patients fall through the cracks.

Accuhealth has been based in Chile since 2011, and since then, has improved the lives of more than 9000 patients through its telemonitoring services. With Endeavor’s support, the company is gearing up for explosive growth both within and outside of Chile, aiming to cover more than half a million patients across Latin America by 2020.