High-Impact Founders Gather Virtually for Third Endeavor Outliers Program

Screenshot of the virtual Outliers event showing eleven entrepreneurs in a zoom grid.

High-impact entrepreneurs leading more than 90 companies from 22 growth markets gathered virtually over Zoom this June for the Endeavor Outliers event, an invite-only experience designed to offer the highest-growth entrepreneurs in Endeavor’s network experiences tailored to their stage of scale. The program, held June 1-2, included intimate gatherings with today’s top CEOs and coaches, and guided peer-to-peer conversations curated around company stage, industry outlook, leadership, and functional challenges — all designed to inspire, connect, and provide a platform for getting support from both peers and experts.

Now in its third year, Endeavor Outliers was launched out of the recognition that, even within a community like Endeavor’s of founders that have reached scale, challenges and support needs differ based on factors such as the speed or stage of growth — and with the goal of continuing to push all Endeavor Entrepreneurs, regardless of stage, to strive for more.

Endeavor Outliers aims to help these entrepreneurs address the unique leadership challenges that accompany such scale and success — understanding that if we bring together this world-class global network of peers to learn from and with each other, magic can happen. Through this program, Endeavor seeks to help these entrepreneurs accelerate the growth of not just their businesses, but themselves as leaders, and make the lonely CEO journey a little less hard. 

This year’s event was attended by a diverse group of Endeavor Entrepreneurs, drawing some of the world’s highest-growth founders from markets spanning Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the United States, including some of Endeavor’s newest markets such as Vietnam, Ireland, and Colorado. Virtual format notwithstanding, the Endeavor Outliers gathering facilitated new peer connections through both vulnerable conversations and lighter moments such as “Pitch Imperfect” competitions at Social Hours, and reinforced the strength of Endeavor’s community of founders.

Highlights of the event included intimate roundtable discussions led by top business entrepreneurs and coaches such as Reid Hoffman, Brad Feld, Punit Aggarwal, Jerry Colonna, Javi Olivan, and Bill Veghte, who candidly shared their experiences navigating some of the very challenges Endeavor Outliers are facing today and offered their insights on the tough challenges of being a successful founder, personally and professionally. 

The event also included peer-to-peer coaching sessions, where entrepreneurs learned frameworks that they can use to coach their own teams, while also working through their challenges with a trusted group of peers. Pascal Finette and Jeffrey Rogers of Singularity University closed out the two-day gathering with an interactive session on weak signal spotting, and how Outliers can prepare themselves and their businesses to thrive in the time beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coming out of Outliers, many of the attendees echoed sentiments that the event had inspired them to find further inspiration among their peers in the Endeavor network, aspire to be bigger than they were today, and commit to becoming a better leader.

“The journey of entrepreneurship is long and lonely. I feel lucky to be connected to all the amazing founders in this group,” reflected Brian Requarth, founder of VivaReal and founder of Latitude 4. “It’s humbling to be part of a community where you have such incredible talent from around the globe.”

Endeavor Outliers was made possible by sponsorship from JP Morgan and Silicon Valley Bank.