Endeavor Entrepreneurs Highlighted as Leading Fastest Growing Companies in U.S.

Nine companies led by Endeavor Entrepreneurs were listed on the 2019 Inc. 5000, recognizing them among the most successful companies in America. The magazine’s annual ranking names the 5,000 fastest-growing privately-held companies in the United States, and shares how they reached scale.

Among the factors taken into consideration in the ranking were companies’ 3-year growth rate and 2018 revenue, while specific achievements within industry and geography were also highlighted.

Read more about the companies within Endeavor’s network to earn a spot below:


BAMFi, which allows access to working capital programs and cash management for the transportation, oil and gas, and construction fields, ranked #121 in the nation. Founded by Endeavor Entrepreneur Todd Ehrlich, BAMFi was recognized as one of the top companies in Georgia.

Cognira ranked #108 in the country, and #4 in Atlanta with a 3-year growth rate of over 3,000%. Founded by Endeavor Entrepreneurs Hatem Sellami and Bahadir Ustaoglu, Cognira assists retailers with merchandising and supply chain decision making.

Rented.com, founded by Endeavor Entrepreneur Andrew McConnell, assists property owners with the management of rental properties and offers property care and payment management. the company ranked #389 in the country, recognized as #3 in the country for travel and hospitality companies.

SalesLoft, led by Endeavor Entrepreneur Kyle Porter, made the list for the second time, ranking #1641. SalesLoft is helping transform sales teams into modern sales organizations with its industry leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. industries.


FormulaFolios, founded by Endeavor Entrepreneur Jason Wenk, made the list for the fifth time, after ranking as the 15th fastest growing company in the nation in 2016. The company, which provides private money management services that serves individual investors, nonprofits, and corporate retirement plans, ranked #1432 this year, and was recognized among the top companies in Michigan.


HANDLE, a marketplace platform for those looking to buy or sell health supplies and equipment led by Endeavor Entrepreneur Kyle Green, ranked #317 in the nation, and #3 in Kentucky with a 3-year growth rate of nearly 1,500%.

SkuVault, a cloud-based inventory and warehouse management software platform led by Endeavor Entrepreneurs Andy Eastes and Slav Ivanyuk, made the ranking for the third time, listing at #2174. The company was also recognized as the #11 top company in Kentucky.


EcoSystems, company led by Endeavor Entrepreneurs Richard and Lawrence Lamondin that develops water- and energy-saving alternatives to eliminate waste and cut costs, ranked #75 in the country. The company ranked #3 in Miami.

Tissini, founded by Endeavor Entrepreneur Sion Tesone, is a single-level direct sales enterprise for low-income immigrant women. With a three-year growth rate of over 1,000%, The company ranked #294 on the listing, and #10 among all retail companies in the country.

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