Endeavor Entrepreneur Brian Rudolph Featured on Good Morning America

Brian Rudolph, Endeavor Entrepreneur and co-founder of innovative chickpea pasta company Banza, spoke on the popular early morning tv show Good Morning America Monday, July 24, about his entrepreneurial journey.

Banza co-founder Brian Rudolph

During the show, Brian shared the most valuable career advice he has gotten as an entrepreneur: finding a mentor.

“Find people who have successfully done what you want to do and learn from them. You’ll be surprised how willing most people are to help,” Brian told ABC News. He also emphasized the importance of paying it forward. 

Banza co-founder Brian Rudolph (right) on Good Morning America with the entrepreneurs leading Misfit Juicery (left).

Selected into the Endeavor network in 2015, Brian and co-founder Scott Rudolph have, with Endeavor Detroit’s support, connected with mentors and advisors that have helped them expand from two stores to more than 4,000 nationwide. Since it’s founding in 2014, Banza has gained widespread media recognition for its product from Time Magazine, The New York Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Today Show, and, most recently Good Morning America.

The Good Morning America episode also featured the entrepreneurs leading Misfit Juicery — a company that, in turn, has received mentoring from the Banza entrepreneurs, exemplifying Endeavor’s “multiplier effect.” One way in which Endeavor’s impact is demonstrated is by showcasing Endeavor Entrepreneurs as role models who inspire others to take risks, innovate, and “think big.”

View the segment, and read more about Banza’s appearance on Good Morning America here.