Bulgaria’s Chaos Group Honored with Academy Award

Bulgarian software development and computer graphics company Chaos Group will be honored with a Scientific and Engineering Award at the 2017 Academy Awards for its overall contribution of their flagship product V-ray to the process of movie production. Their 3D-rendering technology was utilized in titles such as “Avatar”, “Game of thrones”, “Captain America: Civil War” and many others.

Chaos Group is led by Endeavor Entrepreneur Peter Mitev and fellow co-founder Vlado Koylazov, that latter of whom will be receiving the Academy Plaque at the annual Academy of Motions Picture Arts and Sciences’ Sci-Tech Award event on February 11, 2017. The company was selected in 2015 as first-ever from Endeavor Bulgaria at the 61st International Selection Panel in Morocco.

“V-Ray’s efficient production-ready approach to ray-tracing and global illumination, its support for a wide variety of workflows, and its broad industry acceptance were instrumental in the widespread adoption of fully ray-traced rendering for motion pictures,” the Academy said in a statement released in January.

V-Ray provides artists with world-class photorealism, helping them create stunning computer-generated visuals for audiences around the world. The creatures, characters, and environments rendered with V-Ray are key elements of modern films, and comprise the majority of work nominated for visual effects Oscars over the last six years.

Koylazov will receive one of the 18 Sci-Tech Awards to be presented in 2017.

Read the Academy’s official press release here. You can also read Chaos Group’s statement here.