ASTI Partners with INSEAD on New Talent Program

Spanish mobile robotics company ASTI, led by Endeavor Entrepreneur Veronica Pascual Boe, teamed up with INSEAD to offer four MBA students the opportunity to collaborate on a five-week strategic project, in a partnership forged by Endeavor Spain.

The INSEAD students worked with ASTI at the company’s facilities to work searching for, analyzing, and proposing several inorganic growth strategies for the company, with the objective of helping achieve higher market share and improve the quality and quantity of products manufactured.

ASTI offers automatic guided vehicles with customized software that meet clients’ specific requirements, which cut operational costs for its customers. Already serving big clients such as Volvo, Puegeot, and Airbus, ASTI’s potential client base reaches over US$30 billion in value. Currently present mostly in Europe, ASTI is looking to expand its commercial efforts in Latin America and the United States.

In a statement released by ASTI, the company’s strategic development manager, Jaime Pérez Cuchet, explained, “the opportunity arrived with Endeavor who connects companies such as ASTI with relevant business schools. We proposed them a project for the strategic development department, and invited several MBA candidates to the interviews .. we were looking for complementary profiles, very international ones and with diverse backgrounds”, but “with many professional, technical and personal capacities”.

Ultimately, the team of students formed did just that — comprised of a Canadian electrical engineer, a Venezuelan mechanical engineer, a Cyprian mathematician, and an Italian engineer and policy analyst.

A positive experience for both the students and ASTI, Pérez Cuchet noted that the team at ASTI was already looking forward to similar collaborations in the near future.