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Scaling Climate Tech
Research Reports Global Smart City

Scaling Climate Tech

Endeavor Insight partnered with HSBC to examine the challenges that climate tech founders face as they scale their companies, and the opportunities for investors and supporters to help them succeed.

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Mapping the Riyadh <span class="dewidow">Tech Sector</span>
Research Reports Middle East Enterprise Software & Services

Mapping the Riyadh Tech Sector

Riyadh’s tech sector has grown rapidly in the last five years. This network mapping study shows how founders, local support systems, and international actors are helping Saudi Arabia become an entrepreneurial hub. Also available in Arabic.

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Self-Propelling Ecosystem Development
Research Reports Global

Self-Propelling Ecosystem Development

Decision makers who support entrepreneurs should nurture the growth of self-propelling ecosystems. With support from Argidius Foundation, Endeavor Insight conducted research and stakeholder engagement about how to achieve this.

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Mapping the Sofia <span class="dewidow">Tech Sector</span>
Research Reports Europe Enterprise Software & Services

Mapping the Sofia Tech Sector

Endeavor Insight assessed the technology sector in Sofia, Bulgaria. This study examines the industry’s evolution, demonstrates the multiplier effect from founder reinvestment, and offers a comparative analysis on entrepreneurship support policies.

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