Untold Stories


Untold is a collection of personal narratives (text and audiobook) where Endeavor’s most accomplished entrepreneurs share how they coped with challenging emotions throughout their journey.


By humanizing their journeys, role model founders serve a more realistic and authentic view of success, inspiring other entrepreneurs in the process of facing their own struggles.


1. The nominated EE meets our in-house ethnographer (3x founder who’s navigated tough feelings herself) for a 1-hour chat about a time of emotional struggle.

2. This conversation is then turned into a first-person written narrative, to be edited and approved by the Endeavor Entrepreneur. Once approved, the EE audio records it.


Untold stories are uploaded to our digital magazine, shared on our socials, and compiled into our first Endeavor Untold audiobook.

Read the Untold story of Brazil’s first unicorn founder, Paulo Veras, below:

If this initiative speaks to you, please send a message to Silvia Cavalcanti ([email protected]).

We’re excited to hear your story!