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Scaling Up: An Evaluation of Southeast Michigan’s Key High-Growth Entrepreneurship Communities

Made possible with support from the William Davidson Foundation, this report series is based on the 2019 study “Southeast Michigan’s Competitive Advantages in Entrepreneurship” conducted by Endeavor Insight. Endeavor’s research found that a significant portion of Southeast Michigan’s economy lies in industries that have low or negative projected growth over the next several years. In comparison, U.S. metropolitan areas with the greatest income and productivity share a common trait — they all generate more of a specific type of business: local, entrepreneurial companies with 50 or more employees in high-value industries.

The reports recommend the region leverage its existing strengths by supporting entrepreneurs leading high-growth companies in specific sectors that were found to represent Southeast Michigan’s competitive advantages in entrepreneurship. They include software companies, lending-based businesses and financial service firms, shipping and logistics businesses, and specialty food and beverage manufacturers.