Scaling Entrepreneurial Ventures

Held at Harvard Business School’s campus in Boston, Massachusetts, the weeklong Scaling Entrepreneurial Ventures Program has been designed to help Endeavor Entrepreneurs successfully build larger and more successful businesses. HBS faculty members will lead interactive classes centered around four themes: strategy, sales & marketing, leadership, and finance. Participants will enhance their skills in a number of key areas, including assessing growth opportunities, serving as an effective leader, and acquiring new customers.

Instructional Methods

  • The Case Method
  • Interactive Lectures
  • Participant Presentations
  • Learning Groups

Entrepreneur Testimonials

“It was a great experience. I was able to bring many valuable insights to  my company and daily work through he cases. Now I make a mini case for every strategic decision in the company! The two  main takeaways were to stay focused and not be tempted to diversify too much when growing and how important it is to stay  close to the company culture – I now hold a CEO breakfast once a month with people who have birthdays that month.”


“Through the case studies, I learned that focusing on profits  and pricing make a sustainable long term business. Discussing Panache in case study format has helped me look further at  costs and what improvements can be made in the present. My next two months will focus on this.”


Faculty Include

Professor of Business
Administration at Harvard
Business School

Professor of Business
Administration at Harvard
Business School

General Information

Location: Harvard Business School’s Campus in Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Length: 6 days
Date: August 28 – September 2, 2022
Fee: US$7,400 (Includes lodging, meals, and course materials at the HBS campus)


Harvard Registration Form

The 2022 waitlists for Endeavor Entrepreneurs and key staff are now closed.