Endeavor and J.P. Morgan Join Forces to Support High-Impact Entrepreneurs

To build truly high-impact businesses, entrepreneurs around the world need access to a few key things: community, capital, and quality advice and mentorship. Both Endeavor and J.P. Morgan aim to provide these essentials, which makes a new partnership between the organizations an ideal fit.

Building on top of J.P. Morgan’s previous support for various Endeavor local events and initiatives, J.P. Morgan will now sponsor all of Endeavor’s International Selection Panels, as well as our annual gala. 

“It’s a very natural match. We have worked with J.P. Morgan on a local level many times in the past, in places like Colombia, Chile, Spain, and Italy. Now we’re aligning our partnership under a global umbrella to increase the impact. “ says Endeavor president Adrian Garcia-Aranyos.

This sentiment is shared by Tomi Pierucci, Head of Tech Disruptors for International Private Bank at J.P. Morgan. As the former co-founder of an Endeavor company, Bluesmart, and an Endeavor Mentor, Tomi understands both organizations and identified an opportunity for deeper collaboration.

“My previous company, Bluesmart, was selected by Endeavor, and I know how important it is to receive support in dealing with day-to-day challenges as a founder,” Tomi explains.

“Endeavor supports entrepreneurs by facilitating access to capital and to the best network, which is what founders need to progress with their business and what we aim to do. He continues, “I feel there’s full alignment in our visions where the common denominator is being at the service of the entrepreneurs who are ultimately the engines of economic growth across the world.”

“My team, which focuses specifically on Tech Disruptors is one of the ways that J.P. Morgan Private Bank supports the entrepreneurial ecosystem. It’s a bespoke offering connecting tech leaders with networking and firm-wide capabilities.” J.P. Morgan Private Bank’s Tech Disruptors Vertical also hosts exclusive events globally to help establish and nurture connections among leading tech founders and investors in the industry.

 A closer partnership with Endeavor further extends J.P. Morgan’s offerings for tech leaders all over the world, with a particular emphasis on entrepreneurs in underserved markets, while also providing additional resources and support to members of the Endeavor community — and more support means more impact.


Tomi adds, “’Paying it forward’ for me means giving back what I received. Being a mentor is a way for me to give back to the next generation of entrepreneurs, given mentorship was key to my success as a founder. The mentors that I had during Bluesmart were literally as important as my co-founders because they were the ones helping navigate me to the best decisions and through the hardest moments,” he remembers.

“‘Paying it forward’ also means setting up founders for success and having them supported by the best people,” Tomi continues. By working together J.P. Morgan and Endeavor aim to provide even more support for entrepreneurs, amplifying their impact on economies and individuals in underserved markets around the world.