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“I saw an opportunity to create the best personal assistance service in Egypt and the Middle East.”
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Too much to do in too little time? Simply dial 19988 to have someone do your Mashaweer (Arabic for “errands”)! The first personal assistance service company in Egypt, Mashaweer is dedicated to saving its clients’ time and effort by acting as a full-time personal assistant at a part-time cost. Launched in Alexandria in early 2010, Mashaweer has grown to serve 40,000 individual customers and 68 businesses in Alexandria and Cairo, completing approximately 700 orders each day.

Natives of Alexandria, Mashaweer founders Mohamed Wahid, and Ahmed El Kordy have been friends since childhood. After graduating from the Arab Academy of Science and Technology (AAST) in 2009 with a degree in construction engineering, Mohamed, established a marketing and advertising company (Green Media) as well as contracting company. Currently, he is a shareholder in both companies, and also serves as Vice-Chairman of Green Towers, a real estate company. Mohamed’s brother-in-law, Ahmed, also graduated from AAST in 2008 with a degree in industrial engineering, and gained valuable international experience through coursework and internships in Canada, the UK, and Ireland. Ahmed then worked in his father’s import/export business as a high-level manager.

In December 2009, just weeks away from his wedding, Mohamed noticed that his fiancée was knee-deep in wedding preparations. Fortunately, she had a full-time driver who she could rely on to help with her “mashaweer.” Mohamed began to wonder how his wife would have managed otherwise. He shared his idea of an on-demand personal assistance business with Ahmed and Aly (the third co-founder), and thus Mashaweer was born. Deciding to test the market for personal assistance services in Alexandria, they launched Mashaweer in March 2010 with three motorcycles and six service agents. Though business was slow initially, the entrepreneurs were able to grow to 80 orders per day within nine months with virtually no investment in marketing. The experience in Alexandria proved that the market had taken to their concept, and the entrepreneurs decided to set their sights on a larger market – Cairo. In the months leading up to the launch, they invested heavily in human resources, technology, and advertising. Mashaweer launched in Cairo in December 2011 with 125 riders, a call center staffed by 21 employees and a robust technology system to support operations.

Mashaweer offers individuals and businesses a diverse range of customized same day personal assistance and delivery services at any hour, every day. To place an order, customers call the Mashaweer hotline and within minutes, they are put at ease knowing that they have someone paying bills or picking up groceries on their behalf. Mashaweer serves individuals and businesses in both Alexandria and Cairo.

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