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Gabriel Hornstein Gabriel Hornstein
“I saw an opportunity to market and distribute of hygienic products in a new way.”
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Its innovative “cash-and-carry” and “one-stop shopping” franchise stores and online sales capabilities have made AM Clean (formerly BA Clean) a novel and user-friendly way to sell a full range of personal cleaning, chemical, plastic, and textile products to institutional customers. AM Clean provides integrated hygienic systems in a cost-predictable manner, thereby substantially reducing client costs and improving productivity.

AM Clean offers self-produced products and others supplied by top global trademarks (such as Georgia Pacific), as well as a customer training center, and is a growing Latin American presence. Since the company’s founding, AM Clean has positioned itself as one of the main players in the institutional hygienic sector. Gabriel has been able to compete effectively against big international players while establishing a successful franchise in Argentina scalable to regional expansion. AM Clean is poised to become the “Home Depot for hygienic systems.”

Gabriel founded AM Clean in 1993 as a marketer, vendor, and distributor of hygienic products. Today AM Clean has 50 employees, with 15 stores in Buenos Aires (both proprietary and franchised), franchises in Uruguay and Paraguay, and a proprietary store in Brazil. Gabriel has a powerful life story built around hard work and dedication to his beliefs. After graduating from the University of Buenos Aires with a degree in Public Accounting, Gabriel—like many other Argentineans with socialist convictions—fled into exile during the years of Argentine military dictatorship. Settling in Israel, Gabriel worked on a kibbutz, where he also worked very hard to earn his college degree and simultaneously campaign for human rights.

In 1991 Gabriel decided to return to Buenos Aires with only US $400 to take care of his severely ill father and take charge of his family’s small company called Inelec, a manufacturer of electric hand-dryers. When Gabriel took over Inelec, the company was virtually bankrupt. In a short time, he was able to turn the business around.

Building upon his hygienic product manufacturing experience from Inelec, Gabriel went on to establish AM Clean in 1993 with the idea of developing a service-oriented company in the commercial hygienic care industry. Working tirelessly, Gabriel was soon rewarded for his effort when his start-up company became the exclusive distributing representative in Argentina for Georgia Pacific, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of paper and building products.

Gabriel’s enthusiasm for his business also carries over into his dedication to social responsibility: He has implemented an impressive employee health and environmental program to ensure the protection of his employees and the environment from heavy-duty industrial chemicals.

Endeavor and AM Clean

Gabriel has benefited from a global eMBA, various Immersion Tours, and Entrepreneur Summit. In addition to the local GEMA program, he has also received local mentorship in areas of HR, expansion, and financing.

He has supported the network in numerous ways including by organizing events.

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