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“I saw an opportunity to create the 'Staples of Latin America.'”
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The founders of OfficeNet — the very first entrepreneurs selected by Endeavor — are the epitome of high-impact. Andy and Santiago finished their undergraduate studies and joined Proctor & Gamble’s middle management. But every Thursday night from 1995 to 1996, the aspiring entrepreneurs met in a Buenos Aires bar to brainstorm business ideas. One day, they hit upon the idea of creating the “Staples of Latin America” — taking advantage of the fragmented, inefficient office-supply industry and resolving to transform it through technology, reliable service and modern marketing strategies. Soon afterwards, they founded OfficeNet.

By 2004, OfficeNet was the largest and fastest growing office-supply company in Latin America. In 2005, the company was acquired by Staples. The HBS case study on OfficeNet been taught internationally.

A serial entrepreneur at heart, Andy founded and currently manages Axialent, a global consultancy that helps organizations align their culture and behaviors with sound business strategy. Axialent currently has 130 employees.

When Andy was 18, he created Initiative Foundation, oriented towards the promotion of leadership among the Latin American youth. More than 20,000 young students participated in Initiative Foundation events. Andy collaborates weekly with CNN en Español as an “expert entrepreneur.” The World Economic Forum named him “Global Leader for Tomorrow” (2000) and a “Young Global Leader” (2008). He has participated as a motivational speaker at numerous events worldwide, including the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland and the Interamerican Development Bank Annual Conference in Santiago, Chile. His recent book Passion for Entrepreneurship was published in Spanish becoming a best-selling business book in several countries in Latin America.

Endeavor and Quasar Ventures

Endeavor’s network of US venture capitalists played a major role in helping Andy and Santiago renegotiate their ownership structure with their Argentine angel investors, going from 0% to 35% equity.

Through the network, they were introduced to the then-CEO of Staples, a company which subsequently acquired OfficeNet.

In addition to extensive mentorship on financing, growth, and leadership development, they also benefited from a Global eMBA, Immersion Tour, and Entrepreneur Summit.

True examples that Endeavor is an organization “of, by, and for” entrepreneurs, Andy and Santiago have not only served as panelists, mentors, and speakers but currently serve as chairman and co-chairman, respectively, of Endeavor Argentina’s country board.

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