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52% growth in revenue since engagement
“I saw an opportunity to capitalize on the growing market for GPS tracking.”
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Entrepreneur and CEO Özer Hincal has taken his company Arvento from a one-man bedroom-based operation to Turkey’s market leader in vehicle tracking systems and fleet management industry. And he isn’t stopping there. Özer has positioned Arvento as the market leader in Moldova, Georgia, and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and with over 10,000 clients and almost 200,000 vehicles in over 20 different countries, Arvento will only continue to expand.

Unconventional from the start, Özer grew up attending German schools in Ankara, Turkey. He went on to study at the University of Hacettepe with a major in business administration. Upon graduating, Özer joined the accounting software firm Logo Software and was soon responsible for sales throughout Turkey. He left Logo in 1999 for a year of mandatory military service, and on returning to civilian life worked for Basari Telecom, the sole distributor of Nokia phones in Turkey. In 2002, seeking a new challenge although unsure where to find it, Özer decided to quit his job. Turkey was suffering a severe financial crisis at the time, and his future prospects seemed dark.

But in the midst of the crisis, Özer decided to start a business. The decision baffled family and friends, who chastised him for rejecting two lucrative and stable job offers in the face of an uncertain economy. Where they saw risk he saw opportunity, realizing that there were no Turkish companies focusing on the emerging market for GPS tracking, a technology he had become familiar with at Basari Telecom. Drawing from his savings, in 2002 Özer launched Armakom Information Technologies, a software developer for GPS tracking. For months he worked tirelessly by himself from a bedroom in his home because he could not afford office space. But in 2003, old colleagues from Basari decided to place their trust (and futures) in his hands, and he assembled a small team. Two years later, he came across Ideal Technology, a small company developing GPS tracking hardware. Özer led the deal to create a spin off company, and in 2005 merged the hardware know-how from Ideal Technology with the software know-how from Armakom, founding Arvento and became its majority shareholder and CEO.

Arvento has been able to gain market leadership in Turkey through a simple value proposition: give customers what they want. With touch points in over 80 cities across Turkey and in-house technology development, Arvento is able to quickly produce customized solutions for its clients.

Arvento serves prominent clients including the Turkish Ministry of Health, Unilever, and the Turkish Air Force. Turkcell, the leading GSM operator in Turkey, has chosen Arvento as its “Golden Partner” and awarded Arvento its “Most Successful Mobile Data Application” award every year from 2005 to 2012. Arvento continues to strengthen its presence in international markets by exhibiting at the world’s largest and most influential trade shows one after another, and in 2011 was awarded a Ribbon of Honor in “Infosys Business of the Year” at the international final of European Business Awards. It seems that the man who dreamt of building a globally dominant technology company from his bedroom office in Ankara is well on his way.

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