Term sheets are complicated. Endeavor Insight built the tool below to help entrepreneurs receiving their first VC investments understand how changes to certain parts of a contract can radically alter how entrepreneurs and investors will share the money made on the sale of a company.

However, you don’t have to take our word on why this is important. As the chief counsel of one of our early entrepreneurs has said, “Not understanding this stuff—liquidation preferences, participation, etc.—cost our team about $100M when we sold the company!”

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Disclaimer: This calculator is for educational purposes only. In any term sheet negotiation, it is important to retain legal counsel, and this tool should in no way be used to substitute for such counsel. Other components of a contract that are not represented in the calculator above, can and do effect the payouts in the event of an exit.


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Instructions: Please remove or delete the following information from the term sheet you’ve received—name of your company, name of the investor, value of the potential investment and amount of shares/equity purchased. (The “Find & Replace” function in Microsoft Word, can be super helpful for this.)

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