Patrick Linton

Data Scientist, Endeavor Insight

Patrick Linton joined the Endeavor Insight team in 2016 after finishing an M.A. in International Relations in Cambridge, UK. He also holds a B.S. in International Affairs and Modern Languages (and a minor in Computer Science) from Georgia Tech. Prior to working at Endeavor, Patrick worked as a librarian at the United Nations, and then at the University of Cambridge.

At Endeavor, he strives for clean data and rigorous methodologies, writing code for data collection, cleaning, analysis, and visualisation for the Insight team in order to analyse and map entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Patrick is a Brooklyn native, but he has also lived in Orlando, Atlanta, Santiago, Washington, Montréal, and Cambridge (where he currently resides). In his spare time, he enjoys travelling, cycling, making music, and teaching computer science.

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