Nathan Cohen

Director, Product

Nathan is Endeavor’s Director of Product, where oversees the organization’s technology strategy. This includes our internal Salesforce instance and Open, Endeavor’s internal platform. Open allows Endeavor:

  • To scale: Open disintermediates staff from being the gatekeepers of knowledge, empowering the network to connect with one another and with resources directly.
  • To be sustainable: Open is the infrastructure that allows Endeavor to build value-add partnerships, by providing partners direct access to the network and lead generation.
  • To be more strategic: Open captures high-quality data on our entrepreneurs and mentors, making Endeavor smarter about the network we curate and the programs we run.

Nathan joined Endeavor in 2013, after graduating from Cornell University with a degree in Near Eastern Studies in 2011 and then receiving a Master’s degree in International Relations from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore in 2013.

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