McKenzi MacDowall

Associate, Access to Capital

McKenzi joined Endeavor in October 2018 as an Associate on the Access to Capital team. She focuses on supporting Endeavor’s portfolio companies in raising equity capital from top investors globally.

Prior to joining Endeavor, McKenzi worked at Capria Ventures, an impact investing VC in Seattle, where she focused on fundraising and investor relations. Before Capria, McKenzi worked in multiple different areas of the finance world including The World Bank, JP Morgan, and at an NGO in Myanmar implementing a financial inclusion project.

McKenzi graduated from Virginia Tech, where she studied Finance and Entrepreneurship. While in undergrad she co-founded Collegiate Women in Business, an organization with the mission to empower, prepare, and connect women interested in business careers. This was by far the most important experience in her life and is what ignited her love for mission-driven entrepreneurship.

McKenzi enjoys to spending her free time outdoors, doing yoga, and having interesting conversations. She is also an avid podcast and TED Talk consumer, and is happy to share and receive recommendations!

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