Jamie Hankins

Manager, Enterprise Software & Services

Jamie is the Manager of Endeavor’s Enterprise Software & Services portfolio. In this role, he oversees and supports both the servicing and selection for >180 global B2B software companies across Endeavor’s markets. Jamie joined the team in September 2018 as an Associate on the Entrepreneur Selection & Growth team.

Before joining Endeavor, Jamie worked as a Financial Analyst for J.P. Morgan Chase in its analyst development program. He then transitioned to the non-profit world with a Peru-based NGO, where he worked alongside local healthcare professionals while leading medical clinics and development projects in rural communities across Peru and Ecuador.

Jamie grew up in Pittsburgh and earned his B.A. in Finance from Ohio University in 2015. While in college, he held an internship connecting start-ups in the region with resources to grow and create jobs locally, and spent his breaks on backpacking trips through Latin America, Southeast Asia and Europe. When he hasn’t managed to escape on an international adventure, you might find him hiking among the mountains and redwoods outside his new home in San Francisco, enjoying a book in a local cafe, or dancing poorly to live music.

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