Gabrielle Wilkerson

Director, Growth Ops

Gaby is the Director of Endeavor’s Growth Operations team. In this role, she leads a team across NY and SF which oversees the services of Endeavor’s global portfolio of Access to Capital, Talent & Market Expansion across 34 markets. Since joining Endeavor in 2014, Gaby has been head of the Middle East & Europe regional portfolio as well as the Data, Marketing & Media industry portfolio globally; led Access to Markets partnerships and services for Endeavor Entrepreneurs worldwide; and led Endeavor’s expansion efforts into new markets, including most recently Kenya & Nigeria. She was selected to be an Endeavor Fellow in 2016, and to attend Endeavor’s Innovation & Growth program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business (2016).

Prior to joining Endeavor, Gaby worked at L’Oreal for two years with Maybelline NY in the global brand development and marketing team for Africa, Europe, Eastern Europe and the US. Gaby graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Anthropology and a minor in African Studies. In college, she was selected as an inaugural Dalai Lama Fellow to create a social venture that addresses environmental sustainability, wealth inequalities, and promotes cross-cultural exchange. Partnering with a friend from Princeton, Gaby’s venture empowered women in Tanzania to start their own entrepreneurial businesses that support renewable energy sources. She was also awarded a Dale Award at Princeton to explore her interest in intentional communities in India, the Middle East and the US.

A native Californian hailing from Los Angeles, she loves hiking, spending as much time outside during the summer and traveling to warm climates when she has the chance!

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