Fernando Fabre


I’ve spent the last ten years at Endeavor where I have learned a few things about managing a high growth international organization, managing multiple stakeholders, launching and testing new things, and an obscene dose of multi-layered & globally-distributed organizational structure and development.

I am an Economist, but pretty much everything I learned in my bachelor and masters seems to be so old and useless in the new era of big data and new economy (I mean rational expectations theory, really? What were we thinking?)

I’ve been a higher ed teacher for over 12 years on topics of econometrics, finance and entrepreneurship.

I have also started a few companies, one with my wife for team building through cooking (gourmetrica.com, exit in 2010), one with friends to streamline the horrible home refurbishment industry (Onis Vida, exit in 2010), and an organization that aims to allow underserved students to get the best possible higher education at the lowest cost, called Collective.Academy.

I live in Brooklyn with my wife and two kids. I love to meet any Endeavor network member and show them around NY. I also love tacos.

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