Carmen Feliz-Taveras

VP, Entrepreneur Selection & Growth

Carmen is the VP of Endeavor’s Entrepreneur Selection and Growth (ESG) team. In this role, she leads a team across NY and SF which oversees the selection and services of Endeavor’s global portfolio of entrepreneurs across 8 different industry verticals and 34 markets.

Since joining Endeavor in 2013, Carmen has been head of two regional portfolios (the Middle East and Latin America/Europe), as well as the Retail & Consumer Tech industry portfolio globally; led Access to Talent partnerships and services for Endeavor Entrepreneurs worldwide; and played an active role in Endeavor’s expansion efforts into new markets, including most recently Ecuador and Puerto Rico. She was selected to be an Endeavor Fellow in 2016, and to attend Endeavor’s Innovation & Growth program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business (2015), Scaling Entrepreneurial Ventures program at Harvard Business School (2017), and Scaling Leadership at Insead (2019).

Originally from the Dominican Republic and raised in New York, Carmen graduated from Harvard with a degree in History and language citations in both French and Modern Standard Arabic. She went on to earn her MA in Middle Eastern Studies from the American University of Beirut while living in Lebanon for a couple of years. Today, she lives in New York, enjoys traveling, keeping up with current and cultural affairs, and practicing yoga, which she is certified in.

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