Beth Robertson

Director, Entrepreneur Selection & Growth

Based in San Francisco, Beth leads the Endeavor Investor Network – a program connecting Endeavor’s portfolio of 750+ hyper-growth companies with a worldwide network of equity investors. During her tenure with Endeavor, Beth has supported dozens of growth-market companies to raise venture capital. Under her leadership, the Endeavor Investor Network is thriving in Latin America, North America, and Europe, with a growing presence in the Middle East and SouthEast Asia.

A graduate of Cornell University and Mount Holyoke College, Beth brings a wide range of experiences to her role with Endeavor. Previously, she worked in Uganda & Kenya installing Rain-Water harvesting tanks; in South Africa building out a trust-based transaction and trade platform, in South Asia studying the impact of private sector investment on economic development and in Nepal researching the impact of large-scale hydroelectric dams the downstream economies of agrarian communities. Beth is an avid outdoors woman, a passionate vocalist and a Fulbright Scholar with a love for entrepreneurship.

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