Michael Chandris
Chairman, Chandris Group
Mareva Grabowski
Founder, Zeus+Dione
Costantza Sbokou – Constantakopoulou
CEO, Senior Architect, TEMES S.A. DEVELOPERS
Johanna Papadopoulos
President & Managing Director, EJ Papadopoulos SA
John Coustas
President & CEO, Danaos Corporation
Leonidas Fragkiadakis
CEO, National Bank of Greece
Marily Frangista
Managing Director, Franco Compania Naviera S.A.
Melina Travlou
Chairwoman & CEO, Neptune Lines Shipping and Managing Enterprises S.A
Theodore Kyriakou
Group CEO, Antenna Group
Yiannis N. Stassinopoulos
Executive Director, Viohalco
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