Nedelcho Spasov
Co-Founder, Easy Asset Management
Andon Tushev
Founder & CEO, TAL Engineering
Armand Arton
Executive Vice President, Arton Investments
Atanas Simeonov
CEO, S Group
Christo Iliev
Founder & Executive Chairman, AG Capital
Dennis Smith
Partner and Founder, Evolution Capital Partners
Ivo Evgeniev
Co-founder & Managing Director, Rosslyn Capital Partners
Kiril Boshov
Co-founder and Chairman, Eurohold Bulgaria
Lyubomir Minchev
Founder & CEO, Telelink
Petya Dimitrova
CEO, Postbank, Eurobank EFG Bulgaria
Plamen Russev
CEO, Webit.Foundation
Stefan Gugushev
Managing Partner, Gugushev & Partners Law Offices
Vassil Terziev
Co-Founder, Telerik Academy
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