Vicente Eduardo Graniello Perez

Emprendedor Endeavor

Led by its CEO, Eduardo, and its Director of Operations, Felipe Labbe, Intellego offers solutions for information, process, and IT management to medium and large clients. In large part, the company’s success stems from a model in which is delivers cost-effective solutions that utilize its clients’ existing IT infrastructure.

Born in war-torn El Salvador, Eduardo immigrated to Mexico at 18 to study at ITSEM in Monterrey. He followed his undergraduate studies with a MBA and then worked at MAS where he created the company’s consulting branch. Determined to start a consultancy that could choose its own technology suppliers, Eduardo partnered with an ITESM professor and founded Intellego in 1999.

In 2002, Eduardo brought on Raul Livas, the Mexican government’s principal business intelligence consultant. Together, they built up Intellego, gaining important government projects. Raul left the company to return to government, and Eduardo found Felipe Labbe, then Director of Sales of Services of HP Latin America. Felipe has created a sales team that focuses on top line corporations and has given the company the know-how to land and execute multi-million dollar projects.

Intellego has developed a comprehensive portfolio of service offerings. Additionally, the company generates half of its revenue through large-scale systems integrations projects in which it integrates diverse processes and technologies. Consequently, Intellego is uniquely positioned to partner with the bigger players in the IT market that otherwise would be its primary competitors.

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