Vanesa Duran


Over the past ten years, Vanesa Duran has built a multi-million dollar jewelry company that takes advantage of a powerful, direct selling model. Vanesa supplies high-quality jewelry with innovative designs at affordable prices to middle and lower income consumers throughout Argentina. The company offers two product lines: The hallmark brand, Vanesa Duran Joyas, and a more affordable alternative for daily use, Oversize Markets. Together they have established a strong brand presence for Vanesa Duran Joyas throughout Argentina that reaches over two and a half million customers annually. Today, nearly 50% of Argentines belong to the lower-middle and working classes, 13 million of whom fall into Vanesa’s target demographic.

The direct sales market in Argentina accounts for over 2 million jobs and is expected to employ 616,000 Argentines, 94% of whom are women. To date, Vanesa Duran Joyas has amassed a network of more than 21,000 resellers and distributors in Argentina. Vanesa provides her network of resellers, many of whom are women, the opportunity to launch lucrative, self-run ventures. Her resellers receive the highest commissions in the industry with no upfront personal investment. In addition to a 30% commission on goods sold, resellers have access to personal and professional development opportunities through trainings and workshops.

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