Jorge Errázuriz Grez

Director of Bank BTG Pactual -- Chile

Jorge Errázuriz is on the board of directors for Endeavor Chile. In addition to being a member of the Group of Fifty, a network of Latin American business leaders, he is a director for Chile’s Center for Public Policy and the media group El Dínamo. His philanthropic work includes serving on the board of directors for the Arturo López Pérez, a cancer treatment center, and Panal, a nonprofit that fosters political awareness among youth.

Jorge Errázuriz founded Celfin Capital S.A., an investment bank in Chile, in 1988. In 2012, Celfin Capital was merged with Banco BTG Pactual, a Latam investment bank with operations in Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico. BTG Pactual services include brokerage, wealth and asset management, investment banking (M&A and capital markets), and research services. Jorge left BTG Pactual in late 2016 to start a political path.

He majored in economics and business administration at the Universidad Católica de Chile (1970-1975).

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