Anabel Perez

President & CEO

NovoPayment is a means to facilitate cashless transactions throughout the Americas by helping companies reach a broader base of customers and increase revenues by providing their customers with the tools and services to build their own prepaid and mobile wallet programs.

Anabel Perez was born in Caracas, Venezuela, where she spent much of her childhood observing and helping her father’s successful tech services company. She graduated with a law degree in 1987, and went on to work in Venezuela’s largest bank where she climbed the ranks until becoming Senior Vice President.

During her time as SVP she helped increase transactions by 50%. Further, she observed high-transaction costs among retailers. Relying on cash was also a security concern, and companies were forced to use armored trucks and armed guards to convoy cash payments. Anabel dreamed of creating prepaid products that would address these challenges. So in 2004, she founded NovoPayment, and within 18 months was headquartered in Miami.

For consumers, NovoPayment offers freedom from the inefficiencies and complications of cash; for corporations, it provides the building blocks to compliment a wide rand of payment programs. The company issues stored value (prepaid) accounts in which monetary value is stored on a card, rather than through an account managed by a financial institution.

NovoPayment developed a proprietary platform that fills missing gaps in the region’s prepaid ecosystem. It unites a mass of critical stakeholders in the payments value chain, creating a network effect that streamlines transactions and makes clients dependent on the platform.

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