Amr Shady

Co-Founder & CEO

A pioneer in the mobile value-added services industry, Amr Shady founded T.A. Telecom in 2000 when Egypt still had single-digit mobile penetration. The company’s first service was demographically-targeted, permission-based SMS advertising, and T.A. Telecom introduced CAP in 2006.

Amr enrolled in Dalhousie University at fifteen, and upon graduating, worked for his family’s business, but realized that electrical contracting work did not light his fire. He decided to start his own company.

Having witnessed the widespread adoption of mobile phones in Canada, Amr knew there was be tremendous opportunity in Egypt. In 2000, he built a platform that integrated with mobile network carriers that enable permission-based SMS advertising. Then, CAP was introduced. The success of this platform hinged on, 1) pushing relevant information to users; and 2) pricing tailored to the MENA region’s demographics and spending habits. Today, every mobile network carrier in the MENA region supports content subscription that is modeled on the TA Telecom platform.

T.A. Telecom largely provides white-label services. The company produces back-end technical support and interfaces between content providers and some of MENA’s largest mobile carriers. Further, the company has launched two new brands that build off the subscription-based model proven by CAP: Megakheir and Dabooos. Megakheir is a smart phone platform that connects NGO’s and community organizations with Users. Dabooos – a smart phone, location-enable improvement over CAP – provides time- and location-specific content.

T.A. Telecom has consistently been at the forefront of Egypt’s mobile VAS industry.

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