Amir Barsoum


The health care system has reached an unparalleled level of inefficiency in Egypt. By delivering an end-to-end operations platform for doctors, patients, and pharmaceutical companies, DrBridge is ushering the technophobic medical profession into the digital era.

Co-founder Amir Barsoum graduated from Ain Shams and went on to serve in the army and complete his MBA at the American University of Cairo. Co- founder Ahmed Badr, Amir’s well-rounded techie counterpart, graduated from AUC with an MSc in Computer Science in 2002 and an MBA in 2011.

In his work, Amir became aware of the inefficiencies in the healthcare industry. Incessant tales of mismanagement and miscommunication led him to recognize the need for a digital healthcare ecosystem that could create an integrated community.

DrBridge’s ecosystem provides a network that digitally integrates all players in the healthcare industry, helping doctors modernize their practice and patients access higher quality care. Meanwhile, a free platform allows patients to browse doctors across specialties and book appointments.

DrBridge offers easy-to-use software for doctors that don’t have the resources to hire medical assistants and are burdened by administrative tasks. Furthermore, its sales structure caters to a client base that has never digitized their records before; DrBridge sends sales staff to support new clients by offering on-site, step-by-step training
By breaking down the communication barriers surrounding doctors, the platform ensures continuity of care for patients, while simultaneously modernizing all elements of the health profession in Egypt.

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