Innovative EscrowUP Partnership Gains Traction

In 2016, Endeavor joined as a nonprofit partner to EscrowUP, a trailblazing program led by SRS Acquiom, an M&A service provider, and Pledge 1% that will provide returns on escrow deposits to nonprofit organizations that support entrepreneurs. In just a few months since its inception, the program has earned media attention from Fortune Magazine, Pitchbook, and Next in Nonprofits, among others, and has garnered support from high profile leaders, including Internet pioneer and Chairman and CEO of Revolution LLC, Steve Case.

Poised to grow in 2017, EscrowUP provides up to 24 basis points of return on escrow deposits to nonprofit organizations that give next generation entrepreneurs a leg up. The fellow nonprofits that benefit – Girls Who Code, Springboard Enterprises,  Patriot Boot Camp, Pledge 1%, among others – all empower entrepreneurs that stand to provide diverse sets of ideas.

How It Works

Essentially, the program works in the same way that most M&A escrows do — but SRS Acquiom will donate between 16 and 24 basis points of return per year on escrow deposits to the nonprofit partner organizations. The number of points donated depends on which Escrow deal parties choose.

Here’s a simple scenario:

  • Buyer agrees to purchase seller for $1B.
  • Buyer asks for $100M to be held in escrow for 18 months after closing to ensure seller representations and warranties are covered. Buyer and seller agree to use EscrowUP.
  • After 18 months EscrowUP would have contributed up to $360,000 to the designated nonprofits, with no negative impact to the deal parties.

Spread the Word

Join Endeavor in partnering with this amazing opportunity by helping us spread the word. To find out more about the program, download this brochure, or visit the program’s website. You can also follow the conversation on social media with the hashtag #EscrowUP.