Endeavor Greece Celebrates Five Years, 17,000+ Jobs Created

In 2012, Endeavor Greece made headlines as it launched as amidst a period of economic turmoil in the country. Nevertheless, Endeavor saw the moment as an opportunity to bring its model to the region, and the potential of high-impact entrepreneurship to spur economic growth.

“When economies turn down, entrepreneurs look up,” Endeavor Co-founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg told CNBC show Squawk Box host Andrew Ross Sorkin on a segment whose title conveyed the surprise many shared at the expansion: “Entrepreneurship in Greece, Really?”

Endeavor Global Chairman Edgar Bronfman, Jr., was honored by Endeavor Greece at its five year celebration October 3, 2017.

Indeed, five years later, the office commemorated significant contributions to the local ecosystem during an evening of celebration on October 3, in Athens, which honored Endeavor Global Chairman Edgar Bronfman, Jr., and presented awards to some of the office’s highest-performing entrepreneurs. Click here to read more highlights from the event.

Since its launch as Endeavor’s first office in Europe, Endeavor Greece has screened over 1,000 entrepreneurs and selected 32 founders leading 23 companies, which have collectively created over 17,000 jobs in Greece and generated €251 million in revenue. Together, these high-impact entrepreneurs have received €106 million in investments. Endeavor Greece has built a strong network of support for these entrepreneurs, pairing them with services from 70 mentors and partners in the local ecosystem, who have donated over 2,000 hours of guidance.

Watch a video highlighting Endeavor Greece’s impact over the past five years below.