Endeavor Poland Launch Event

Based in Warsaw, Endeavor Poland operates nationally and is the 41st global market for Endeavor. The Polish office opened in May 2022, headed up by Bartosz Lipnicki, the Managing Director. Polish entrepreneurs gain access to a global network of peer entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors. Endeavor’s target group is high-growth technology companies valued at over $100 million that are in the scale-up phase and have global growth ambitions.

Endeavor Poland and our Board of Directors are excited to invite you to the Endeavor Poland Launch Event in Warsaw, Poland, on September 27

We’d love you to join us, and ready to connect you on the ground!

It is an exclusive invitation to Endeavor’s network to come together, connect and celebrate launching Endeavor Poland. An ambition is to host successful global entrepreneurs, not that often present in Poland. In order to connect global success stories, create belonging and trust, inspire to dream big, scale fast and pay it forward as we are launching Endeavor in Poland.


Tuesday, September 27

9:00 am – 11:00 am: Investor Breakfast (fireside discussion, investors only)

12:00 pm – 3:00 pm: Entrepreneur Lunch (fireside discussion, entrepreneurs only)

6:00 pm – 12:00 am: Dinner & the Launch Event


Some confirmed guests incl. Marcin Zukowski (Snowflake), Melvyn Lubega (GO1), Hristo Borisov (Payhawk), Charis Arvanitis (Spotawheel), Tolga Tatari (Akinon), Liviu Dragan (DRUID), Paweł Hytry (Spacelift), Przemek Kowalczyk (Ramp), Martin Markiewicz (Silent Eight), Kacper Nowicki (Nomagic), Wojtek Sadowski (Packhelp), Benjamin Kuna (Tylko), Maja Schaefer (Zowie), Patrick Friday (Vue Storefront), Piotr Smoleń (Symmetrical), Wiktor Schmidt (Netguru), Daniel Surmacz (RTB House), Maciej Noga (Pracuj), Jakub Dwernicki (R22), Paulina Skrzypińska (BNP Paribas), Francois Nuyts (Allegro), Bartosz Ciołkowski (Mastercard), Oktawian Zając (BCG), Adrian Garcia-Aranyos (Endeavor Global), Allen Taylor (Endeavor Catalyst) as well as the best of the local ecosystem.

Registration Info

RSVP by August 31.

The event is for free, invitation only.