Shark Tank Colombia to Feature Three Endeavor Entrepreneurs as Investors

Three Endeavor Entrepreneurs supported by Endeavor Colombia will join the upcoming season of popular television program Shark Tank Colombia: Negotiating with Sharks as investors. Alex Torrenegra (Torre), Ricardo Leyva (Sistole), and Mauricio Hoyos (Puntored) will serve alongside two other investors to judge and invest in the most promising Colombian companies, who will pitch their businesses on the show.

Alex, Ricardo and Mauricio are not the first Endeavor Entrepreneurs “sharks” to feature on the hit series. They follow in the footsteps of South African entrepreneur and blockchain expert Vinny Lingham, who sat as an investor on Shark Tank South Africa regularly from 2014-2016, making news when he invested in a company using bitcoin rather than dollars.

Vinny Lingham as a “Shark” on Shark Tank South Africa in 2016. Photo courtesy of DStv.

Together, these Endeavor Entrepreneurs bring a forward-thinking perspective to the show rooted in one of Endeavor’s key philosophies: the multiplier effect entrepreneurs have on entire economies through supporting one another. Joining as investors on Shark Tank is just the latest way these entrepreneurs have committed to paying their success forward to the next generation of high-impact founders.

Alex, whose company Torre strives to make work more fulfilling for everyone through the use of modern technology, has repeatedly contributed capital and knowledge to other tech startups. He has inspired, mentored and invested in more than 20 tech companies in Bogotá, helping bolster the city’s entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Likewise, Ricardo has committed himself as a founder and investor to supporting entrepreneurship as a path to social and economic development at large.

“I believe in entrepreneurship,” he says. “I believe that powerful ideas can transform society.”

Indeed, the Sístole, his company at the time of his selection into the Endeavor network, has transformed the marketing landscape in Colombia through changing the way products and services are promoted with “experiential marketing”

Lastly, as a successful serial entrepreneur, Mauricio too devotes himself to giving a boost to entrepreneurs. His latest venture, Toberin Valley, provides legal, financial and human management services to enterprises in crisis, seeking to improve processes, replicate best practices and build a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The entrepreneurs have already begun shooting for the show, which is expected to air in early 2018.

Shark Tank Colombia is an adaptation of the British reality show produced by BBC, Dragon’s Den, based on a series that originally aired in Japan. The show has been successfully adapted in more than 30 countries, including the US, Germany, Canada, Denmark, Finland and Poland.