NovoPayment’s Anabel Perez Joins Endeavor Miami Board

Endeavor Entrepreneur and NovoPayment Founder Anabel Perez joined the Endeavor Miami Board of Directors this June, becoming the first Endeavor Entrepreneur to sit on the local office’s board. Endeavor Miami also welcomed Wasco president and active Endeavor mentor A.J. Nahmad to the board.

“We are thrilled to have Anabel join us as the first Endeavor Entrepreneur, and offer her unique perspective representing Endeavor Entrepreneurs on how we can continue selecting and supporting the best of South Florida’s entrepreneurs,” said Endeavor Miami Co-Chair Adriana Cisneros.

Anabel Perez was selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur at the 56th Endeavor International Selection Panel in Miami in December 2014.

Anabel was raised in Caracas, Venezuela, where she grew up observing her father’s successful tech services company. Upon receiving her law degree, she went on work in Venezuela’s largest bank until she became Senior Vice President. In 2004, she founded NovoPayment and launched headquarters in Miami.

NovoPayment enables digital financial and transactional services via a cloud-based, bank-grade platform that supports varied mass payout and cash-in services. For consumers, it offers freedom from the inefficiencies and complications of cash; for corporations, it provides the building blocks to compliment a wide range of payment programs. 

“As an Endeavor Entrepreneur, I have experienced firsthand the invaluable impact that this organization can have on scaling a company,” Anabel said. “I look forward to supporting both Endeavor Miami and its entrepreneurs in the coming year.”

Since Novopayment’s selection into the Endeavor network in 2014, Endeavor has supported the company by building an advisory board and facilitating access to senior business leaders with relevant industry experience.

Endeavor has always been an organization of, by and for entrepreneurs, and after scaling successfully, many Endeavor Entrepreneurs move to the other side of the table and pay it forward, reinvesting their financial gains, expertise and time. Successful entrepreneurs reinvest in their communities and networks, multiplying their impact, and 90 percent of Endeavor Entrepreneurs go on to serve as angel investors, mentors, and active promoters of high-impact entrepreneurship.

Anabel Perez joins almost 30 other Endeavor Entrepreneurs who have gone on to serve on local Endeavor boards.

Read the full press release on Endeavor Miami’s website, here.