Endeavor Entrepreneur Nix Nolledo Profiled in Esquire Philippines

The Xurpas Founder talked to Esquire about what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur, how technology transforms businesses, and the role Endeavor plays in his continued success



Endeavor Entrepreneur Nico Jose “Nix” Nolledo, founder of Xurpas, was profiled by Esquire Philippines magazine this month, discussing how he got his start as an entrepreneur and what drives him today.

Nix founded Xurpas to increase local access to the Internet by creating and developing mobile content that can be purchased with airtime credit. With distribution agreements in place with three leading telcos, Xurpas’ content currently reaches every single mobile subscriber in the Philippines and is the largest listed consumer tech company in Southeast Asia.

Xurpas listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange at a market cap of US$150 million in December 2014, making it the second company in the history of Endeavor to IPO prior to the selection process. Xurpas joined the Endeavor network in 2015 at the 60th International Selection Panel.

In the interview, Nix highlighted how receiving mentoring through the Endeavor network helped inform key decisions he made in growing his business, and, in turn, how he pays it forward to the next generation of entrepreneurs today by lending his expertise where he can.

“Through Endeavor I was able to sit beside the founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, at a dinner and get his perspective … That’s one example of where I get to exchange ideas with someone who’s been there several times over, and get his insights on how he sees technology transforming the HR space,” Nix told Esquire. “In the same vein, you’ll find a lot entrepreneurs here at Endeavor who are trying to scale their business tenets and want to understand how technology impacts their business. I am able to lend my perspective on how to view technology as an accelerator and disruptor for their space.”

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