Listen to Linda Rottenberg on Reid Hoffman’s Hit Podcast, Masters of Scale

“Where is the next Silicon Valley?” That was the question on Reid Hoffman’s mind when he sat down with Endeavor Co-founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg on his new hit podcast Masters of Scale, a show devoted to exploring and testing different ideas about how companies grow rapidly from “zero to gazillion.”

When Linda and co-founder Peter Kellner launched Endeavor 20 years ago with the vision of growing thriving entrepreneurship ecosystems around the world led by high-impact founders, there wasn’t a word for “entrepreneur” in Spanish. Today, Endeavor has supported 1,500 entrepreneurs, whose companies have created over 650,000 jobs and generated $10 billion in revenues in 2016.

In her conversation with Reid, Linda tells the story of Endeavor’s beginnings — from big ideas to moments of doubt — and talks through her vision for the essential building blocks needed to create “Silicon Valleys” around the world.

Listen HERE on the iTunes, or at the link below.